Giving Your Patio a Makeover


Are you tired of looking out the window at your boring old patio? Perhaps you are finally getting sick of sitting outside at the same 20-year-old table? Could you use some inspiration when it comes to redoing your patio? Well look no further! We will be talking about some basic ideas when it comes to sprucing up your patio and giving it a much-needed makeover.

Outdoor Rugs

These rugs are soft and durable; perfect for bare feet to run over. Outdoor rugs tend to be made out of materials such as polypropylene and nylon. These are more weather resistant than other materials, and bring a splash of color to the space.

Ventless Fireplace

Ventless fireplaces are becoming more common and popular. This means that they are also getting more affordable than they were in the past. They do not require ventilation, so they can be installed outside on the patio. They provide a warm synthetic flame which will be appreciated on cool summer nights.  

Weather Resistant Furniture

Choosing furniture that is made out of natural wood may be a good option for your patio. This could include a cedar sofa that has been upholstered for comfort. The material must be able to stand up to the weather conditions of your area. The furniture will not look as worn out or frayed if you are careful about selecting the right material for it.

Throw Pillows

Any seating area looks more welcoming with pillows, am I right? Adding a few throw pillows to the benches or outdoor sofas can bring a sense of comfort. The space will feel more like an outdoor living room, as opposed to a patio.


Plants don’t have to be restricted to the garden, they can have a space on the patio too. Adding some potted or hanging plants will provide a breath of fresh air. Hanging plants are nice because they do not take up any floor space on the patio. As well, they give some privacy from neighbors if the houses are close together.


The patio should be a calming atmosphere for you to relax in. This means that you can incorporate things that help you to de-stress. Candles appeal to most people because of their fragrant scents. Lighting some candles and sitting outside at night looking up at the stars can be exactly what you need.


This can include whatever you consider to be art. If you enjoy figurines or statues, you can find a place for a few on the patio. Perhaps you enjoy a certain decoration and want to add it into the design. Personal touches such as artwork can bring the space together and make it more inviting.

How to Decide When to get a Ventless Fireplaces


As time goes on, people are being offered more and more choices. Companies want you to choose their product over their competitor. This means that they will be continually expanding their product line, trying to find something that will entice you. Eventually, this can get pretty overwhelming. For example, if you go to the store to buy a fireplace, you will be confronted with many different types. Gas, electric, wood burning, ethanol, and more. This article is meant to help you narrow down when you need a vent less fireplace.


If you are on a budget, a vent less fireplace may be the right option for you. These models are typically less expensive than a wood burning one. They cost less to install, so the initial payment is lower. As well, they do not cause a significant increase in your electricity bill. On a monthly basis, electric vent less fireplaces cost less than their gas equivalents. As well, you do not need to buy fuel for them, as they are powered by electricity. This is opposed to traditional stoves, where you need to purchase wood to keep them burning.

Environmentally Conscious

If you are someone who worries about polluting the atmosphere, you will not need to with this fireplace. Vent less fireplaces do not produce any harmful by-products into the air. They only provide a synthetic flame, instead of a real one. This is also helpful if you are worried about the health effects of the inhabitants living in the home. There is no danger to them if there are no toxins being released.

Smaller Spaces

Electric vent less fireplaces do not provide as much heat as traditional models. They will sufficiently heat one or two rooms, but not the whole house. This is why they are preferred by people who live in smaller spaces. For examples, people who live in small apartments like vent less fireplaces because they will heat the entire space. If you have a large house that you are trying to heat solely with the fireplace, you may want to consider a different option.

The type of fireplace that you choose depends entirely on your own needs. Everyone is different, and therefore requires a unique set up for their home. If you find yourself confused about what exactly you are looking for, stop and review your criteria. Evaluating your different options according to the criteria that you are looking for will help you immensely. It will narrow down your focus, and show you the pros and cons of each option. Eventually, you should find yourself with a final contender from the list of options.

Creating an Outdoor Living Room


Far too often, we are cooped up inside our homes and do not get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. If you love nature, or even just aspects of it, being outside gives you pleasure. In reality, we all should be given the chance to enjoy fresh air more often. This is why it is a good idea to create an outdoor living space for the whole family to utilize.


Outdoor furniture

If you choose furniture made out of natural wood, this could be practical and comfortable. For example, a cedar sofa with upholstered seats might be just what you need to relax on. Cushions and throw pillows can be added to create more comfort. If you go with an option like this, you will need to treat it with sealer every few years.

When you are choosing furniture that will be outside for a great deal of time, it has be able to withstand the elements. Damage could happen due to sunlight exposure, rain, wind, or snow. This is why it is important to inspect everything for flaws before you buy it. When the harsh weather comes, you can protect your furniture by moving it into a garage or shed.


Ventless fireplaces

This type of fireplace is a good option for placing in your yard. This is because ventless fireplaces do not need to be connected to chimneys for ventilation. There is no restriction about where you can place them. As well, there is no need to worry about toxic by-products being cycled into the atmosphere. Ventless fireplaces do not emit any fumes, so they are safe when they are burning. If you want to add this fireplace to your outdoor living room, you will need to add an electrical component to it. A standard 120V outlet with suffice for powering the fireplace. 



Having the proper lighting is essential when determining the atmosphere of a space. If your outdoor living room is lit up, it creates the feeling of comfort and tranquility. If you want something small and intimate, candles or lanterns can be placed on the tables or other surfaces. Something that casts more light around could be string lights hung from the trees.


Consider the need for shade

Sunlight exposure is something that you will have to consider when you have an outdoor living room. A large awning or umbrella may be needed to protect you and your furniture from sun damage. A standalone umbrella may be a good option because you are able to change its position as the sun moves. If you want something that is larger and more permanent, you could consider covering your patio and creating a roof.

Ventless Gel Fireplaces


If you have heard of bio ethanol fireplaces, then you already be familiar with the idea of ventless fireplaces. A synthetic flame is burned inside or outside the house. There is no need for ventilation, as no smoke or by-products are being produced. The difference with gel fireplaces is that the fuel that is used is gel instead of ethanol. Let’s go over some of the things to consider when thinking about gel fireplaces.


Using gel as fuel

Gel certainly is a convenient source of fuel for ventless fireplaces. The fuel is burned inside the can that it comes in. Before it is burned, the lid and label of the can are removed. It is likely that you will need 2-3 cans of gel to get a large enough flame. If you wish to cut off the fire, you will have to place a lid over it.


Is using gel fuel safe?

Gel fuel will typically burn for about 3 hours. This type of flame cannot be regulated, so it is more dangerous than using bio ethanol. Some people choose to use gel fuel outside, so it is safer than being in an indoor enclosed area. When the fuel cans are empty, a customer might refill the can again. Eventually, the can will wear out and break. As well, gel fuel is more flammable than bio ethanol. You should always be careful when handling it.      


Does gel fuel provide a lot of heat?

On average, gel fuel will produce approximately the same amount of heat as bio ethanol. However, you will need to add more than one can of fuel if you want a decent amount of heat. One can will not be enough, unless you just want a small fire for show. Gel is more flammable than bio ethanol, which is why it is commonly used outside as well as inside.


Should I use bio ethanol or gel as fuel?

Overall, the choice is entirely up to you and what you require. Bio ethanol tends to be more stable and controllable. It also burns about 2-4 hours longer than gel fuel. Overall, bio ethanol tends to be the safer option. If you have children or are simply safety conscious, this might be the better choice for you. However, you might simply enjoy the look of fireplaces that use gel fuel. If you have a bio ethanol fireplace, under no circumstances can you use gel fuel to operate it. The two cannot be mixed, as this is a safety issue.


Gel fireplaces are very popular among many people. They offer all the benefits of a fireplace without having all the maintenance to deal with. As well, you do not need to worry about venting away the smoke and by-products. Gel is one option that you can use to fuel your fireplace. It is comparable with using bio ethanol. Overall, it is a cheap alternative for heat, but it is highly flammable, and should be handled with caution.  

Investing in a Ventless Fireplace


There are many reasons to love having a fireplace in your home. They provide warmth, comfort and a positive ambience. What could be even better than having a fireplace? Having all the benefits of a fireplace, but not having to put up with the negative aspects of them. This can be done, and it is through an invention known as the vent-less fireplace.


It has been said that vent-less fireplaces are unsafe because they take the oxygen in the room and convert it into carbon monoxide. However, this does not necessarily mean that these fireplaces are unsafe. For example, most models contain a built-in detector that knows when the fireplace should be shut down. The detector can sense when the level of oxygen in the room is too low, so the fireplace is turned off right away. As well, having a steady flow of oxygen in the room is an easy way of staying safe. As long as there is enough oxygen in the room, a vent-less fireplace should be of no danger to you or your family.

Environmental Impact

A vent-less fireplace burns by using bio ethanol or it can be powered by electricity. They are not generating fumes into the air, and are producing no harmful by-products. If you decide to purchase an ethanol fireplace, you will need to add fuel to keep it running. The bio ethanol fuel is made from organic, natural materials (potatoes, corn and cellulose). This helps the environment, because the fuel is not made from chemicals that add to the pollution in the air. The fuel is renewable, as well as biodegradable. This means that it will go right back into the Earth, and be able to be used again in the future.


Vent-less fireplaces are great in the sense that you can place them wherever you want. Fireplaces requiring chimneys had to be placed where they had a connection to the vent. This could impact the design of your home, and would have been a nuisance every time you wanted to redecorate. Vent-less fireplaces do not give homeowners this concern. You can easily set up a vent-less fireplace in whatever room and area that you want it to be in. As well, you do not need to adjust your design, or make any special customizations to accommodate your fireplace. It will fit right in with the rest of your house, and can be moved whenever you have the need for a change.

Although vent-less fireplaces are fairly current inventions, they can be relied upon to perform their job sufficiently. They require less maintenance than other types of fireplaces, and therefore are preferred by many homeowners. Seeing as there are different types of vent-less fireplaces, it is likely that you will find something that meets your needs. If you do not want to add fuel to the fireplace, you might prefer an electric model. Or if you do not want an increase on your electricity bill, perhaps an ethanol fireplace might be right for you.


Ethanol Vs. Gas Fireplace: Which is Better?

We're putting two of the most famous fireplaces head to head: the gas fireplace, and the ethanol fireplace. Gas fireplaces are well-loved because they are cheaper than the traditional wood-burning chimneys, yet produces almost the similar amount of heat. Ethanol fireplaces, however, are taking over the eco-friendly, sustainable demographic by storm. Thanks to its clean fuel, this fireplace produces no toxic residues and can be used without vents. There are many key differences between these two furnace types, and we'll dig deeper into both aspects so you can see which one fits your lifestyle better.

Heat Factor

This is one stand-out point among the two. While both units produce real flames, you may be surprised how there is a great difference in the amount of heat they produce. No doubt, gas fireplaces offers more heat than the ethanol fireplace. The first is a working fireplace that require gas lines and vents, and the latter is mostly used for its ambient decor features. However, most of the time, not more than 3kW heat is needed, especially for spaces that uses something else as primary heating. In this case, ethanol fireplaces are the better choice, since the fire it produces are used 100% and does not escape the flues, unlike the gas fireplace.

Into Inserts?

Do you have a traditional fireplace and want to overhaul it into something easy and modern? Both gas and ethanol fireplaces can be used as inserts. In fact, the limitations imposed by the wood stoves are completely removed when using these two alternatives as built-in furnaces. However, you should know that gas fireplaces are costlier, as its installation requires more details.  This includes installation, placement of proper venting, the setup of pipes for the gas and the checking of pressure from the main gas supply. On the other hand, ethanol fireplace does not require most of those demands. No need to check for leaks or test the pressure from a fuel supply. You can purchase a unit, have it installed, and operate it on your own. Some models can be installed recessed in the walls, and others are freestanding units, which requires no installation.

Under Use

There is a distinct difference when it comes to gas and ethanol fireplace operation. Gas fireplaces produces better heating that it could be used as a primary heating source. It, however, does not suit small rooms. Fire, as you may know, eats up oxygen, and placing this furnace inside a limited space might put you and your family at risk. Smaller spaces are what ethanol fireplaces are most suited. It can heat a 20 square meter room without any issues.

Both fireplaces can be ignited with a remote control system. Ethanol fireplaces, however, are commonly lit manually. You can fill its fuel reservoir by hand and ignite it with a lighter. Both produces real flames; gas furnaces have constant flames while the ethanol variety has dancing, lively flames that offers a lovely visual treat.

Not that you know these details, which one do you thing fits your lifestyle more? If your pick is ethanol fireplace, great choice! This eco-friendly fireplace is a favorite by many modern homes. Buy yours from the pros; visit our store today!