5 Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces Are the Best


Electric fireplaces are all the rage due to their vast selection and major benefits. They come in a wide variety of models; everything from installed wall inserts to TV stands and even small portable units that can be moved from room to room, depending on where it’s needed. If you could enjoy the warmth and beauty of an actual burning fireplace without the mess, carbon risks, and still be environmentally conscious then why wouldn’t you go with an electric fireplace for your home? Here are some of the best reason why an electric fireplace is the right choice.

1) Ventless
All you need for an electric fireplace is an outlet to plug it in. That’s it. Absolutely zero venting or installing is required which makes an electric fireplace the best option if you live in an apartment, basement suite, a house without the option to have venting, or a mobile home. This also eliminates the risk of CO2 and airborne gas dangers. This applies to both installed wall inserts as well as portable units. An electric fireplace, regardless of the model, will never need any sort of venting.

2) Stylish
A regular fireplace is simply an opening in your wall that you burn wood in. You can build a mantle around it but that’s about as far as style and design go. With an electric fireplace you have dozens of great and stylish options available. Granite tops, glass doors, claw feet, modern exteriors, the list goes on. Check out some great electric fireplace models here.

3) Moveable
The great thing about electric fireplaces? If you grow tired of where it’s placed, you can move it. Simple as that. Need a heat source in another room? No problem. Just unplug and move it. No mess, no fuss. Some models are quite heavy, though, so make sure you have someone there to help you carry the weight. If you’ve opted for the electric fireplace wall insert, this option isn’t viable because you’ve installed it within an opening in the wall.

4) Mess Free
With conventional fireplace you have frequent clean up duties. Shovelling out the ash, sweep up the dust, cleaning the chimney stack, etc. Fireplaces require ongoing maintenance. But not electric ones. They don’t burn wood or any other material so there’s literally zero mess to worry about.

5) Environmentally Friendly
Probably one of the best features of an electric fireplace is the environmental impact they have. It’s low. They don’t burn fuel, the don’t burn wood, they don’t burn anything. And with advances in today’s technology, electric fireplace also come in energy efficient models which reduce their carbon footprint even more so.

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  • Candace Osmond