Top 5 Types of Electric Fireplaces


A fireplace is a fireplace, right? Wrong! There are tons of different models and styles available to suit just about every space, need, or obstacle. With all of these options readily available, there’s really no reason why everyone couldn’t enjoy the warmth and benefits of a fireplace in their home. And with the option to go electric, we now have even more reasons to have one. Here are the different types of electric fireplace that you can choose from for your home.

1) Wall Insert
An electric fireplace wall insert is the most versatile option out there. simply just a metal box that has to be plugged in, the unit allows you to customize the look of your fireplace with a modern, traditional, or eclectic style. Electric fireplace inserts also provide the option of putting it where it suits you best.

2) Portable Stove
A portable electric fireplace, or electric stove as some call it, is the perfection solution for a heat source on the go. The units are often small in size and can easily be moved by one or two people and only require an outlet in order to function. Take your heating source with you wherever you are. A cold basement? No problem. Is your bedroom chilly on a Winter night? Want a nice source of heat while you curl up on the couch with a movie? All of these needs can be met with a portable electric fireplace.

3) Furniture Piece
Any that offers dual uses is a plus. Get two things every home needs in just one unit with an electric fireplace insert in a TV stand or storage cabinet. Now, if you don’t have room for a fireplace you can simply combine it with your TV stand and get the best of both worlds. And just like your television, the fireplace only requires an outlet to plug in to.

4) Mantle
If you don’t know how or where to install a fireplace insert, or simple don’t have the space for one, consider an electric fireplace mantle. They come in an array of gorgeous styles that can match just about any setting or collection of furniture. An electric fireplace mantle can be placed under a window, behind a sofa, in a hallway, or even a bedroom. They offer extra storage, surface area, as well as a heating source all in one stylish unit.

5) Corner Unit
Is you’re faced with the issue of wanting a fireplace but simply do not posses the space or wall area to put one then take a look around your home for a free corner. An electric fireplace corner unit can solve most limited space problems and allow anyone to enjoy the benefits an warmth of a fireplace in their home.

If these options have sparked the inspiration to get yourself an electric fireplace, then check out a great selection of models available here.

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  • Candace Osmond