Electric Fireplaces – More Than Just a Space Heater


Each winter, homeowners must worry about the rising cost of energy and finding the most efficient methods of heating their home. As an increasing number of delighted people are discovering, one of the most energy-efficient methods of heating your home is to invest an electric fireplace. When compared to traditional wood or gas fireplaces, these fireplaces are more convenient, portable, and economical. Electric fireplaces require considerably less maintenance than standard fireplaces. They will enhance the ambiance in any setting, and the only thing required to operate one is an electrical outlet. This means that a homeowner does not have to worry about storing or maintaining charcoal or wood.

Modern electric fireplaces should not be confused with regular, old space heaters. What space heaters and electric fireplaces have in common is the ability to raise and maintain the heat levels within a room fairly quickly, but what elevates an electric fireplace above the space heater is the diverse range of sizes, classifications, and styles that are available.

Today’s electric fireplaces far outstrip traditional fireplaces and space heaters in terms of safety. For example, timers and automatic shut-offs are common safety features. These features also work to conserve energy as well. In a similar fashion, modern electric fireplaces feature “cool to the touch” glass exteriors, which remains so even when the fireplace is in use. This reduces the risk that pets or small children will accidentally burn themselves on the fireplace.

 Since they do not require combustion to operate and the heat the fireplace produces is vented directly into a room, the heat is not lost through venting or a chimney. Likewise, electric fireplaces feature built-in thermostats that enable a user to create their ideal room temperature. Convenient remote controls allow a person to adjust the temperature or heat output from anywhere within the room. They don’t even need to get off of the couch! Realistic flickering flames can be viewed, even when the fireplace is not on, which adds to the ambiance of any room. Some types of electric fireplaces even feature stove tops that can be used for either cooking or heating incense.

These fireplaces are not just free standing, energy efficient devices. They are available in a diverse range of styles that include decorative mantels and surrounds. Homeowners who prefer a traditional look can choose from mantels made of oak, cherry, or walnut, but mantels are not limited to these traditional materials. They may also be found in tile and ceramic options. Mantel styles can range from featuring simple, clean lines to being emblazoned with ornate, intricate carvings. It is a guarantee that a homeowner will find a style that blends in seamlessly with their home’s existing décor.

Electric fireplaces also make an excellent option for apartments, townhomes, and even dorm rooms. When a person purchases an electric fireplace, they are not just buying a fireplace. They are investing in their comfort and well-being.

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  • Aldyn Miller