How Much Do Ventless Fireplaces Cost?


Ventless fireplaces offer an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional, masonry fireplaces. They are so named because they do not require the use of a chimney or flue to operate. Ventless fireplaces have been sold on the consumer market in the U.S. since 1981. Instead of burning wood, these fireplaces operate off of electricity, alcohol based gels, propane, and natural gas.

 Although simpler to install and significantly less expensive than their wood burning cousins, propane and gas fireplaces do carry a small amount of risk since they do not have a chimney in which to expel their gases outside. For this reason, ventless fireplaces are strictly monitored and controlled by federal agencies to ensure that they can be safely operated in a consumer’s home.

With the wide range of benefits they have to offer and their ease of use, ventless fireplaces continue to grow in popularity. They are available in a plethora of different styles and facades, so it will not be difficult for a homeowner to find one that seamlessly blends with their home’s existing aesthetic.

When deciding whether or not to invest in a ventless fireplace, one of the most popular questions that homeowners ask is “How expensive are ventless fireplaces?”.  To answer this question, here’s a breakdown of each model’s costs:

  • Propane or gas connected fireplaces generally come equipped with a factory mantle or similar enclosure. Including the cost of professional installation, this type of ventless fireplace will, on average, cost between $2,000.00 and $3,500.00. Installing a gas or propane ventless fireplace may or may not require a building permit. Because each state has their own set of rules and regulations regarding ventless fireplaces, a homeowner should consult with their local building department to determine if there are any limits or restrictions on their use.


  • By comparison, gel powered ventless fireplaces cost significantly less. Because they do not require professional installation, their average cost will range from $300.00 to upwards of $700.00. More than likely, the fireplace will require some assembly from the homeowner, including placing the factory made, faux logs in position. The gel fuel is sold in canisters and can be purchased in varying quantities. The average gel canister contains 12 ounces of fluid and will burn for 2.5 hours.


  • Electric fireplaces are self-contained and come pre-finished by the manufacturer. They are usually standalone units. Aside from removing them from their shipping container and placing the plug in an outlet, they require no installation. Their base cost generally starts at around $1,000.00 and goes up from there. The final cost will be dependent on the level of craftsmanship the mantle and surround have.

Of course, these figures are general averages, but overall, ventless fireplaces are an affordable investment for any person who wants to invest in eco-friendly technology or simple redecorate their home. Regardless of size or type, ventless fireplaces are almost 100% efficient because precious little of the heat they produce escapes the room – unlike a traditional fireplace, which often loses up to 85% of its heat output through the chimney.

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  • Aldyn Miller