Perfect Match: Apartments and Ventless Fireplaces


What's holding you back from owning a fireplace? Is it because you live in an apartment? Fret no further. A fireplace, even while living in a high-rise, is not impossible. In fact, there are many fireplace options that does not require chimneys or even venting. And, take note: they do not cost as much as your traditional furnace.

What causes the no

But first, let us look at the things that hinders you from achieving your hearth haven. For those living in urban spaces, most buildings require vents that lead outside which can be expensive, much less to say difficult, to install. In most penthouses, flues run to the roof. However, what if you are living in a small apartment where venting isn't available.

Secondly, even if you are fortunate enough to purchase an apartment with a wood-burning fireplace, your building codes may stop you from using it. This is due to the possibility of smoke inside the building. You don't want to gain a bad rep among your neighbors because of that. All you can do is to ask for approval from the homeowners’ board. Which, in most cases, often comes with conditions.

Warm up to this idea

Let go of the imaginary fire cackles. Most of you may want to have a true-blue outdoor experience even in the middle of your urban scape with an ambient fireplace. The scent of the wood burning, the sound of the fire cackling, and the warm glow that comes from the stove is ideal, but let's face it. This part won't be made available to you as you dwell in your studio. We, however, have a few alternatives.

You don't need a vent. Ventless fireplaces are powered by friendly fuels: either gel, ethanol, or electric, which means that there's no smoke, no fumes and no extra heat flying off away from your room. These alternatives are much efficient compared to the traditional ones, and are also environment friendly, as they produce little carbon dioxide. You benefit from these furnaces on many different levels: no mess, since there are no leftover ashes to clean up after burning, and no additional cosmetic overhaul is needed. All you have to do is plug it in, let it run, and allow yourself to bask into the warmth of these furnaces.

Decor-wise, these fireplaces hit the right mark too! These beautiful furnaces are designed with tasteful aesthetics so that the end result makes you feel you're looking at the real thing. Each produces an imagery of an amber burnt fire inside, some with their wood accessories. You can place these items anywhere—inside your living room, by the corner, or atop the table. Some designs even have TV & Media consoles included for a complete look.

Eye-catching, versatile and much less costly than the traditional variants, these ventless fireplaces are what you need in your apartment! If you’re looking for the perfect unit, you might want to head over our store and discover a wide range of ventless fireplaces. Keep your space warm and aglow with your modern furnace, without too much of the fuss. 

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  • Caris Cruz