Understanding Ethanol Fireplace Inserts


For those of you who have been newly drawn to the beauty of ventless fireplaces, you must be wondering about the many possible ways you can use this for decor, other than warmth, for your home. There are many styles, sizes and construct that were made to suit different tastes. However, if you're one of those who'd like to go stripped-down and minimal, perhaps a ventless fireplace insert is just what you need.

Fireplace inserts are open stove that has been modified to fit within different types of masonry. Inserts are used in bare furnace schemes, as well as to be placed inside an existing shell. There are many things you can do with inserts, and the ventless range offers much more benefits than the regular ones. Among them: no dangerous fumes, no irritating smell, no soot, no ashes, and no dark gray smoke to cloud up your space. You also get the freedom to move it wherever you like, and this is perfect for those who transfer from one place to another.

Unlike traditional inserts, ventless inserts do not require any chimney or vent. The only thing you'll need is proper insulation and as much as possible, a good circulation of fresh air inside the room. This cuts down the potential expenses of a room makeover (caused by the construction of a flue), which means you get to save a lot of money.

There are different fireplace inserts. All of these are made to suit your space as well as your budget. Take a look at these three variants and discover which one is right for you.

  1. The standard model. Most models sold in the market are ready to be used as they are. These inserts are usually square in shape and can be bought from different manufacturers. Some inserts can be small enough to be placed atop a small flat surface. Some are big enough to warm a room. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, this is your best bet.
  2. The customized insert. These made-to-measure inserts are perfect for homeowners who want something tailor-made. Manufacturers come and measure your ventless fireplace model and crafts an insert that fits the space. This is perfect if you don't want to construct your fireplace by yourself. Despite being the more expensive solution, many homeowners go for this option, especially when they are building or renovating their property.
  3. The DIY insert. You get the full freedom to choose your fireplace design and the insert that runs it! It could be ethanol. It could be electric. It could be gel. This works nicely for carpentry enthusiasts and interior decoration lovers.

You can infuse your insert in many different designs, such as a granite corner on the wall, or atop the marble slab of your kitchen nook. With ventless fireplace inserts, you get to add a warming element to any space inside your home, without requiring too much of the area. It also adds a cosmetic appeal to any boring space! Looking for the perfect ventless insert? Visit our store and discover new products today.

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  • Caris Cruz