Pros & Cons of Electric Fireplaces


Unfortunately, we can’t all have the luxury of a fancy, wood burning fireplace. But there’s always the option of electric units! Electric fireplaces are a great alternative heat source that has more flexibility in terms of placement and safety. But, like anything in this world, there’s positives and negatives. So, to set your mind at ease and lay it all out, here are the pros and cons of electric fireplaces.


1) Not a Real Flame
Yes, it’s true. Electric fireplaces use a simulated image of flames using lights and a screen. Some are quite realistic, though. This could be considered a con or not, it really depends on the individual.

2) Requires Electric Source
Unlike some natural gas and bio-fuel burners, electric fireplaces are limited to the availability of an electric outlet. They require to be plugged in order to be used which poses a problem during power outages, a time when an alternative heat source would be needed.


1) Alternative Heat Source
If you’ve got a room or two in your home that just always seems cold, then an electric fireplace may be a great option. Areas such as basements, spare rooms, and even older homes tend to be colder and slightly drafty. Having that backup really helps.

2) Safety
There’s just no competition when you’re comparing the safety of a wood burning fireplace to that of an electric one. No flames, no emissions, and no threat to children. The electric fireplace will never get hot enough to inflict any serious burns, either. Win, win!

3) Portability
One of the great things about an electric fireplace is its ability to be moved, event he burner inserts, if need be. But this feature mainly applies to the portable, freestanding units. Often, they come installed in a mock fireplace mantle or a TV unit. Move it from room to room to benefit from the extra heat source or enjoy from the comfort of your bed as well as your couch.

4) No Venting Required
This pro makes electric fireplaces the ideal alternative heat source for rental homes, small spaces, basement units, or condos. No venting required means that your electric fireplace can be used without the hassle of opening up walls or installing a venting system like a chimney.

Obviously, an electric fireplace will never replace real burning flames. But the option is there for anyone who’d love the features of a fireplace without the mess that comes with having one. Check out some great models here that you can order right online!

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  • Candace Osmond