Gel Fireplaces: Your Frugal Choice


Let's face it: maintaining a fireplace is no easy task, especially when it comes to handling utility bills. Heating costs swoop up especially during colder months. The current economy isn't exactly helping. Wise and prudent consumers, therefore, are always on a lookout for better heating alternatives that won't send them over the edge. If you're among those looking for a practical solution to warm up your home, a gel wall fireplace could be your best choice. How? Here are the many reasons.

You get so save money on purchase

Homeowners get the best deal with a no-fuss heating product upfront. Gel fireplaces are easily among the most inexpensive items to purchase, thanks to its low-cost fuel. If your home lacks a vent, this is your perfect solution; no need for an interior overhaul to construct a chimney. You only need to install the furnace on the wall (you can also ask the aid of professionals), plug it in, and let the warmth fill the room. The best part: it's a low-maintenance heating solution that requires less upkeep. Think of how much you can save before, during and after use of this furnace! 

It's a healthier choice too!

Since gel wall fireplaces don't produce irritating smoke and debris, you and your family can literally breathe easy. These fireplaces are ventless and makes use of gelled alcohol fuel. These do not produce toxic fumes and irritating odor, unlike the traditional variants. Make sure that the item you're buying complies with industry standards so you'd have peace of mind while enjoying the cozy atmosphere.

It covers your heating needs

Worried if its heating ability is enough for your space? A vast majority of the gel wall fireplace range suits a variety of spaces, from large to small rooms. You can discover that these furnace types are up to par with popular electric fireplaces in the market, heating medium-sized rooms.

Tasteful, minimalist designs to suit your interior

If you're the homeowner with strict design aesthetics, a gel wall fireplace can perfectly solve your desire for decor. Here in our store, you can discover a wide range of wall fireplaces with different designs, complementing various interior colors and themes. Choose from modern framed furnaces to a full console to mix your media with. There are also special fireplace inserts for you to use on your DIY decorating.

Looking for other alternatives?

We've got you covered. If a gel fireplace is not the one you've been pinning for, don't fret. We've got a complete range of electric and ethanol fireplaces to suit your needs and lifestyle too! See our plethora of designs, from small, tabletop items to wall-integrated recessed frames. Our shop covers ventless furnaces that does not require any chimneys nor make use of non-environment friendly fuel.

Make that frugal choice; select the fireplace that does not only give you a better, inexpensive option upon purchase, but also saves you time and money in utility bills and maintenance. Choose ventless. Discover your options by browsing through our shop and find out your perfect home heating solution!

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  • Caris Cruz