Things You Should Know About Making Gel Fires


Making fire from gel? You might be raising brows and feeling skeptical. However, this new type of fireplace offers practical and simple heating solution for homes without venting. And the best part: it's your most prudent choice. A gel fireplace could be your next best buy, especially when it comes to function and decoration. Wondering how these fires are made? Let the pros guide you through the basics.

Gel fireplaces, and the secret to their warmth

These special furnaces use a special alcohol gel, usually bought in individual canisters, to create fire. The flames burn instantly and are very clean--no smoke and toxic fumes. In order to light up the furnace, the alcohol is placed in a flame-proof container (or its can), and is lit. Heat exudes from the furnace, which can be as small as a tabletop furnace pot with pebbles, or a tailor-made installation on your wall.

A traditional gel fuel is usually contained in 500ml cans, and can be conveniently installed in the fire. Each produces about 1kW of heat, boosting the fireplace to give an ample amount of 3kW to the setting. Surprisingly, this heat is almost equal to the same warmth an electric heater produces.

Inside, the cans produce a 25cm flame at most, with an amber-orange color that sparks instantly upon lighting. If your furnace has a flame spread, you can create a wonderful illusion of fire across the base. A can of gel fuel can burn around an hour or more in its full capacity.

Gel fuel flames produce stable, steady flames that do not flicker. However, it is important to purchase fuel from trusted sources, as low-quality gel fuels will result less heat and may even damage your furnace. How to check? Cheaper gel fuels produce a hint of blue flames.

The advantages of gel fireplaces

Choosing a gel fireplace over your conventional heating offers many benefits. For one, it does not require a flue and demands less maintenance than other forms of fireplaces. Other positive points include:

Inexpensive. Gel furnaces are cost-effective. There are many easy-to-install models in the market that needs no aid from professionals. If you're an avid DIY enthusiast, you can conveniently integrate this furnace in your home. Custom-made gel furnaces, on the other hand, are comparatively cheaper when set against gas and wood fueled furnaces.

Efficiency. No chimneys, no vents, no worries! None of the heat escapes the room, so that means you make use of the fire the fuel produces. This is a smart choice, compared to the traditional fireplace which only gives off 60% of the heat.

Decorative. Other than the many designs available in the market, you have the freedom to install a gel fireplace in many ways you like. There are free standing furnaces, corner fireplaces and even table inserts to decorate small spaces!

Environment-friendly. The clean nature of the gel-fueled flame makes you an advocate of Mother Nature. No harmful smoke. No irritating odor. No chemical fumes. It’s wise to choose a safe heating solution not only for your family, but for the environment as well.

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  • Caris Cruz