Portable Heating Solutions


Those of us who love adventuring in the great outdoors still need all the comforts of home. If you have a cottage, RV, or tiny house to heat, there’s a wide range of portable heaters to choose from. Consider the exact requirements of your space, including; how powerful you will need the heater to be, what size of heater you can accommodate, and how it looks with the style of your décor. An unsightly heater will end up being hidden, making it less effective at heating the room. Why not go for one that does the job and looks great at the same time? Choosing the right portable heater can be a daunting task, so let’s make things simpler and narrow it down by providing a sample of a few great choices which are stylish, affordable, and best of all, portable.


Calculate your BTU

Before you get excited about the range of colors and styles of portable heaters on this list, you’ll need to determine how much power you need to heat your space. Search for a basic BTU (which stands for British Thermal Unit) calculator online to make sure you buy a heater powerful enough for your needs. The results of these calculators can vary, so try a few and calculate an average. For example, a standard 10’ x 10’ x 10’ room will need a heater that’s powerful enough to generate approximately 10,000 BTUs per hour in order to raise the temperature by 50°F.


Portable Electric Fireplace

Perfect for fans of the “tiny house movement”. Because of the space restrictions, tiny house owners often have to pay attention to the minutia of every design decision in order to create a stylish room in which not a single inch is wasted. Not only is it an efficient heat source, it’s charming and traditional. An electric mobile fireplace can be stored when not in use in order to save space, and is a sure-fire way to save on your heating bill.


Modern Electric Stove

For a portable heating solution that doesn’t skimp on style, look for a contemporary electric stove. It’s an unexpected but very efficient way to bring the warmth of a traditional- looking flame to your space-aged décor without looking out of place.


Traditional Electric Stove

There’s no need to give up traditional charm in order to find a modern solution. If you have a drafty cottage to heat and you’d like to keep things classic, an electric stove with an old-world design is right for you. Many models incorporate design embellishments you would expect to see on a pre-existing cottage stove. Modern electric stoves with retro designs can effectively and safely heat your cabin without detracting from its rustic charm.


Space Heater

Definitely the most affordable route to go, a space heater is easy to pack with you on a short trip. A portable space heater is handy to have on days when the wind chill is extraordinarily low and you want to supplement your heater with some extra power.

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