Best Alternatives to Wood-Burning Furnaces


Traditional furnaces are nostalgic and charming; there's the sight of a beautiful flame, slowly chewing in the hot logs and turning them into glowing ashes. You sit around, watching the fire grow, continually feeding it with wood so that it won't die out. The scent of the chopped logs also offers a musky, autumn-like atmosphere, and raises the romantic aura in the setting.

A wood-burning fireplace is one of those things a homeowner would want; it's rustic and beautiful. On a downside, it's also expensive to maintain, and isn't a healthy choice for humans and the environment. If you have one of those stoves that you have finally gave up because of upkeep, take heart. You don't have to completely turn your back on your stove, as you have new, modern alternatives where you can enjoy fire, minus the unhealthy residue that comes with real, wood-burnt flames.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts are smart appliances which works as a substitute to your regular fireplace. It could be installed inside the hearth without an expert's help. Units only require to be near a grounded outlet for it to run. The best part? It can be safely moved from place to place, wherever you want a heating appliance to keep you warm.

No fuel is needed to run this unit, but it requires electricity. The warmth it produced scatters in the room without the annoying odor or smoke, creating a clean heating solution for you and your family. However, one drawback is that it doesn't produce real fire. But the faux flames it makes come from bright LED lights, creating the same distinct visual. The fire also doesn't have a crackling sound nor a musky scent, but as an alternative, you can spray a similar fragrance into the room to give off the same ambience.

Cost is less expensive than any traditional stove, with prices ranging from $500 to $2,000. It lasts longer than fuel-run fireplace because it doesn't use any combustible fuel.

Gel Fireplace Insert

An alcohol gel fireplace insert makes use of a log-like burner that can easily be placed inside the existing heart. It makes use of a combination fuel made up of isopropyl alcohol, salt, water and other solutions, and are sold in solid containers. Each can burn for 3 solid hours, depending on your usage. The upside? It produces real flames, minus the log-burning part, as the fuel is contained inside the tray. Gel fireplaces make use of clean fuels and are not harmful to the environment. Proper air circulation, however, must be considered when using this furnace.

Another good thing about gel fireplace inserts is that it produces a crackle, thanks to the salt it contains. Some gel fuels contain scent that diffuses fragrance once the fire is lit. It is also inexpensive to operate; these log-like inserts can cost from $200 to $500, depending on the size and design. Gel fuels can cost less than $100 a case, which contains 16 to 24 cans.

Both these alternatives help you maximize your traditional fireplace, without forcing you to stock on wood for fuel. You are also saving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Looking to buy any of these fireplaces? Visit our store and see our ventless fireplace collection!

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  • Caris Cruz