Choosing the Best Table Top Fireplace



If you want a fireplace with a difference but are not sure where to look then a tabletop fireplace might be the answer. You might have limited wall space or prefer the flexibility to move your feature fireplace around your home. Traditional fireplaces are a lovely addition to any home but a tabletop fireplace can be used indoors or outdoors to suit the seasons.

We’ve put together a buyer’s guide giving you everything you need to know about tabletop fireplaces so you can make the right choice. We’ve covered everything from fuel types to modern designs and everything in between.

So if you’re looking for a unique twist for your home, read on and find out everything you need to know about picking the best tabletop fireplace for your home or garden.

Inside or outside?

The best part about getting a table top fireplace is the flexibility. They can be totally portable which means you can have it on the dining table in the garden and then move it inside when the evening draws in.

Tabletop fireplaces come in a wide range of designs and some are protected by a glass frame which shields the fire from the breeze making it ideal for the garden.

The heat generated from a tabletop fireplace is ideal to take the chill of a clear summer’s evening and give you a place to sit around after the sun goes down. They are cheap to buy and even easier to install as most models come with simple instructions and low maintenance.

Inside, you can place the fireplace on a sideboard or end table creating an attractive feature and if you want to use different rooms, just bring the fireplace with you!

Different fuel types

The main fuel type for a table top fireplace is bioethanol. This is an eco-friendly and efficient fuel source which is cheap and safe to use. Most canisters come with clear instructions and you can power a small tabletop fireplace for several hours with just one canister depending on the size of your fireplace.

Bioethanol fireplaces are ventless and burn cleanly leaving no smoke or soot which means you don’t have to worry about smoke clogging up your home!

This fuel is also good for people with breathing problems like asthma or COPD as it doesn’t produce any harmful gases or smoke.

They’re safer than candles and oil burners which will give you peace of mind if you have small children or pets that could knock them over. Any glass is tempered, meaning it shatters into tiny pieces if it is broken.

Inset tabletop fireplaces

If you want a more permanent feature, then a tabletop fireplace can be inset directly into your furniture.

These ultra-modern designs can create a real statement both inside your home and in the garden. You can buy a table with a readymade insert for a tabletop fireplace which gives the whole design a sleek and sophisticated feel.

The downsides of having a fireplace inserted into your table is that it isn’t as portable as a freestanding model but if you know you want a permanent feature then it is a great way to add a little heat, and a unique twist, to your home.

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  • Candace Osmond