Corner Ventless Fireplaces



A room can be instantly transformed just by adding a fireplace. A fireplace adds a touch of elegance to your room as well as providing warmth and a cozy light to your room.


But if you don’t have a lot of wall space or a flat area that would fit a fireplace you might think you can’t install one.


But a ventless fireplace could be the answer. These fireplaces don’t need a flue or chimney so you don’t need to worry about the cost or hassle of installing it.


And with corner shaped designs becoming even more popular, a ventless fireplace is now even more versatile and can fit in even more homes.


We’ve looked through some of the benefits and features of different models of corner fireplaces whether it’s design or fuel type, there are hundreds of options available to make sure you can have the fireplace of your dreams – whatever the space you have.




Whether you’re looking for modern or contemporary finishes, there is a corner fireplace to suit every home.


They come in a wide range of materials and finishes. For the traditional home, a molded stone or wood fireplace will add that opulence to any home. And with the bonus of a mantelpiece over the fire itself, you can also have a place to put ornaments or photographs. From dark walnut and rich mahogany to lighter woods and veneers, you can choose the finish to match your décor and room style.


Stainless steel is a good choice if you’re looking for a modern fireplace. The material is resistant to corrosion and will stay looking good for years to come. You could even choose a surround which has lights or colored LEDs to add a unique twist to your fireplace.


Rather than tucking your fireplace into a corner, you could build into the wall itself. A ventless fireplace can be installed into a corner which is protruding into the room to turn an ugly feature of your space into a unique and interesting talking point.


And if storage is what you are after, then you can get a ventless fireplace contained within a storage unit. The fire itself is mounted midway up the unit itself and you can have space for candles, ornaments or books on the bottom or above. This can add a feature to your room while also giving you more storage space in a smaller area.


Fuel Types


There are three main types of power source you can choose for your ventless fireplace – electric, gas or bioethanol.


All three of these sources do not need venting and they mean your fireplace will be a lot easier to clean and maintain than a traditional, wood burning model.


The pros of bioethanol fireplace is that they can be installed anywhere as the fuel is contained within the fireplace itself. With an electric or gas fire, you need to hook it up to the mains gas supply or install it somewhere near an electric socket.

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  • Candace Osmond