Create Buzz at Your Dinner Party with a Tabletop Fireplace



If you’re bored with candles or flowers for your table centrepiece then why not get something that will really make your guests sit up and take notice – a tabletop fireplace.

Tabletop fireplaces come in a huge range of sizes, colours and designs. They can sit on top of the table or even become part of the furniture.

They’re perfect for creating a unique focal point – no matter where or how big your table is.

Sit back and relax

A flickering flame provides the perfect ambience for a dinner party or family get together. People have been using candles for years to create a peaceful feel but you can get the same effect from a tabletop fire.

A great conversation starter, it will also keep your guests warm if you choose to sit outdoors to eat.

No mess or fuss

Have you ever gone to clear away an outdoor table in the daylight the night after a get together and realised wax has been spilled all over it? Or have you found soot stains on a tablecloth? With a tabletop fireplace you don’t have any of the smoke, ash, melted wax or soot to deal with.

If you choose a model which uses bioethanol fuel, it gives off less carbon dioxide than three candles so it is also eco-friendly.

As they are built to be self contained, you can move a tabletop fireplace to anywhere you want. If you decide you want to move the party indoors, just carry your unit with you and enjoy it inside.

Peace of mind

You might think having a fire on the table is a safety hazard but tabletop fireplaces are designed specifically with safety in mind.  Most models surround the flame with specially treated glass to make sure it is a pretty feature while also being safe for small children and pets.

A design to suit every home

There are hundreds of designs when it comes to tabletop fireplaces. Ranging from tiny designs which only measure 8cm high to larger models which can run the whole length of your table.

And if you want to create a seamless look, you can buy a tabletop insert. These models allow you to cut a hole into your table and sink the fireplace into it. It has been designed so it creates a focal point but also gives a classy feel to a table or centrepiece.

Glass screens around the flame mean you don’t have to worry about things falling into the flames and protects the fire from the wind.

So next time you think about hosting a dinner party and want something to get your guests talking, think about installing a tabletop fireplace. You’re sure to make your party a success and be the envy of your neighbours!

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  • Candace Osmond