Ethanol Fireplace and Sustainable Homes


Some fireplaces are created better than others. While there are furnace types that leave a large dose of carbon footprint every time they are used, ethanol fireplaces, on the other hand, goes the different direction. This eco-friendly fireplace option is perfect for homeowners who desires to create a sustainable setting in their loft. Easy to install, affordable, and produces fewer emissions than other varieties, this is a practical choice that also gives back to the environment.

Because of the many calamities produced by climate change, many consumers are now switching to the sustainable lifestyle, even at home. Sustainable homes are becoming popular as we all become aware of the need to protect our environment. Choosing greener options do not only save the planet but also keeps us healthy physically and practically.

As of the old, customers have a great desire for traditional, wood-burning stoves because of the experience. True enough, there's a satisfying feeling when one sniffs the aroma of the burning wood while watching the fire cackle. The embers light up the air with small, subtle glows as the ashes drift from the stove to the atmosphere. However, creating a traditional stove costs one a huge amount of money, as well as labor. Constructing the necessary flue is no joke. One will have to cosmetically alter their homes and buildings before they can thoroughly enjoy their furnace.

But traditional furnaces are the opposite of a sustainable home's philosophy. The heat that comes from the wood-burning stove is not efficiently used, as it scatters towards the vent and escapes through gaps. At some point, the furnace may also be in conflict with the already-installed floor-heating. It is also known that the burnt debris adds to the particle pollution in the planet.

Regular fireplaces, therefore, are not fit for those who wants a greener solution for their homes. This doesn't mean, however, that one cannot enjoy having a heating ornament, especially during those cold, wintry days. An alternative, such as an ethanol fireplace, matches the principles of sustainability in more ways an ordinary fireplace can. Wondering how? Here are some of the facts.

  1. Your ethanol fireplace produces a heat output of 2-3kW, compared to the 6kW heat output produced by a regular wood furnace.
  2. Since your ethanol fireplace does not require a vent, it can easily adapt to the floor heating, supplying an extra push to your heating facility whenever needed.
  3. You are not exposed to toxic particles that may spread to the room because of the burnt debris. This usually happens when one opens the grills to add more logs to the fire. The children and pets are at risk of inhaling these toxic fumes and particles which may have a bad effect on their health.

Your ethanol fireplace is the perfect alternative for a greener, cleaner fireplace. The best part: you can easily purchase a unit or create your own design by using a burner. It’s that simple—no extra hassles in installing chimneys and vents. This way, you can easily warm up your favorite rooms with the perfect fireplace that does not require much, but still offers efficient, sustainable solution for your home, as well as for the environment.

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  • Caris Cruz