How To Choose The Best Electric Fireplace For Your Home


Electric fireplaces are hot right now, and I’m not just talking about the temperature. Why have they gained so much popularity in the past decade? For starters, they are virtually maintenance free, quick to heat up and cool down, they can be installed almost anywhere in a home, and the safety features are incredible.

While some people use electric fireplaces as an ornamental home feature, others use it to simply generate warmth. But why not have both features? And how do you begin choosing the right one for you and your home? It really depends on your personal needs, however, keep reading to help better understand electrical fireplaces and which one will fit your needs the best.

Electric Fireplace

Why You Should Switch to an Electric Fireplace

The switch is incredibly easy due to such a simple installation - one of the top reasons people are switching. In addition, they are also very affordable, some ranging from as low as $60-$100. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why making the switch will benefit you in the long run:

  • You can install them. I meant it when I said easy installation. No chimney building and they are relatively lightweight. Just stick it where you want it to go (or mount it) and enjoy!
  • They are simple. No mess from wood, no working to keep the fireplace lit, no smoke, and they are remote control operated.
  • Electric fireplaces add ambiance. Who doesn’t love cozying up around the fireplace? They look 100% like authentic fireplaces and you can even purchase a large one with a mantel for extra decor.

What are you looking for?

This is a pivotal starting point. Are you looking for a design or easy functionality? Are you looking to make a statement or to just keep your house a bit cozier in the winter? Maybe you’re looking for all of the above. Think about your living space and how much room you have for an installation if you decide to go that route. Many people have their electric fireplaces commonly within the living room space, as that is the most popular option. However, don’t exclude other areas! They look amazing in bedrooms and are large enough to heat up the room, and some fireplaces are so small that modern home decor styles will even put them in bathrooms! Where do you picture your fireplace?

Consider Your Placement

The main electric fireplace installations are recessed, wall-mounted, free-standing, inserts, and those that are already built into entertainment centers. Some of these do require professional installation, so take that into consideration when deciding where you want to put it. Inserting them into your wall will almost definitely require professional installation because part of your wall will have to be carved out and a licensed electrician will need to hook up the terminals in the right areas. 

However, if you opt for a free-standing fireplace, all you have to do is plug it in. Wall mounting is also great for people who don’t plan on staying in one place - the fireplace can simply be taken down and moved to a new location. Once you consider your placement, the fun begins - choosing your favorite fireplace!

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be difficult to understand electric fireplaces, obviously, they are much more different than gas or wood-burning fireplaces. The most commonly asked questions about electric fireplaces include?

  1. Is the flame real?  No, the flame is created by LED lights inside the fireplace, but they do look very real!
  2. How much heat will it produce?  This answer varies depending on the type of electric fireplace you purchase. Some don’t even have heaters at all if that’s what you prefer. For the most part, electric fireplaces do produce a great amount of heat and many have the option of high, medium, and low heat. They might not heat up your entire house, but they can make an entire large room warm.
  3. What are the electrical requirements?  Most electric fireplaces plug into a regular wall outlet. However, if you get one inserted into your wall, an electrician will have to make sure the wiring system is connected correctly. 
  4. Can they be installed under the TV?  If your TV is mounted, it is safe to install an electric fireplace below it, as long as you’re keeping at least 12 inches of distance in between the two for safety precautions.
  5. Are they safe?  Extremely. They are actually the safest type of fireplace on the market. They stay cool to the touch and don’t produce heat anywhere except from the heating vent. However, you won’t want to put anything in the way of the heating vent. 

Final Thoughts

Did you know that you can change the entire way your house looks by having an electric fireplace installed? In addition, the value of your house can potentially go up if you have a large fireplace installed within the walls. Neat, right? They have become so popular on the market because they are so safe, but a few other great features include sleep timers, changing LED colors, personal customization, and some even have touch screen operations and Bluetooth speakers! 

They are great for anyone looking to reduce the cost of heating in the harsh winter months, because one single electric heater unit can produce enough warmth to fill an entire room. Also, with how popular they have become, you don’t have to settle for a bland color or shape. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and in modern home styles, some can even hang from the ceiling or be placed in kitchens. 

Always make sure to contact a professional if you are having an electric fireplace installed, it can be very hazardous if you are not a professional electrician. Make sure you keep your heating vent far away from anything flammable. Other than that, these bad boys make the perfect addition to any home whether you are renting or fixing up your brand-new house!

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  • Catherine Sibi