How to Create an Outdoor Living Room


For those lucky buggers who reside in the warm and dry climates, an outdoor living area can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It’s a way to bring the inside out and extend the comfort of your home to the great outdoors. Some only reach as far as the front porch, but others occupy an entire backyard space. Regardless, if you’ve got a big empty patio or outside area, consider turning it into an outdoor living room! Here are some easy tips and ideas to get you started.

1) Outdoor Fabrics

The key to a successful outdoor living room is using the right fabrics. You can’t have chairs and pillows upholstered in silks or leather, they just won’t stand up to the elements. Make sure your furniture and pillows are covered in proper exterior fabrics, ones that are water, fade, and mold resistant.

2) Rust Resistance

You can’t use the same furniture as you would inside. Any frame or structures should be made from rust-free metals, wood that has been properly sealed for outdoor use, or solid acrylics. These material will stand the test of time and the environment.

3) Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is one of the best ways to create the look and feel of a living room. The warmth of the flames and the glow that illuminates the space just can’t be replicated with anything else. There are tons of different models to choose from and you can buy an electric fireplace to fit your setting.

4) Plush Pillows

Big, plus, and super comfy pillows are the way to go. And not just throw pillows, either. Make sure the cushions on your outdoor chairs and sofas are thick and comfortable. It will make the experience that much better.

5) Rug

An outdoor rug can really tie everything together so it doesn’t look like you just placed about a few pieces of furniture on your patio. A rug creates a frame, a center focus for everything to gather around. And, just like the rest of your fabrics, make sure your rug is of exterior quality, too.

6) Storage

For those inevitable rainy days, make sure to have a large plastic tote nearby to toss your pillows and accessories into. They come in all sorts of colors and styles so try and match it to your outdoor design. Place it behind the sofa and make it a part of the décor.

7) Blankets

Nights can be a little chilly sometimes but it doesn’t mean we want to pack up and head inside. A nice, quiet evening in front of the outdoor fireplace wouldn’t be complete without a soft blanket to cover up with.

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  • Candace Osmond