Modern Electric Fireplaces That Will Make Any Area Pop


Electric fireplaces are completely taking over for many reasons including easy installation, low maintenance, and multiple designs to choose from. They are also far less hazardous than owning a traditional wood-burning fireplace- hence why so many people are putting electric fireplaces in place of where traditional fireplaces were.

If you’re looking for modern designs, you’ve landed in the right spot. Though they fit the best with a modern designed home, there really isn’t a wrong place to have this style of electric fireplace, as they look great almost anywhere. Here’s a list of our top 5 modern fireplace picks that can make any room more vibrant and look more luxurious and cozy.

Sleek Black Wall Insert

The simplest things are easily the most modern because the ‘modern style’ is designed around sleek simplicity and minimalism. Wall inserts are great because they are very versatile and can go anywhere you want in a wall. They come in all shapes and sizes and look great virtually anywhere- from ground level to the middle of a wall and even in a bathroom.

Side note, if you’re really looking to modernize your home you should add a black electric fireplace insert into your bathroom (if you have extra space). Put that huge picture frame to cover the wall down, the fireplace will make your bathroom one of the most luxurious places in the house.

Vertical And Wall-Mounted

Both vertical and horizontal wall insert shapes are widely popular due to how well they fit into any household style, whether you approach a contemporary style or country chic. Really, they fit in anywhere. Tall vertical wall inserts with bold linear features can come in modern colors like platinum, slate, and black, but it’s not unnatural to go with bright colors as a contrast. And instead of what you would normally picture as flames in a traditional fireplace, the flames in a vertical fireplace will be tall and graceful, making an area even more unique.

Entertainment Center Insert

There’s really nothing more awesome than this. Everyone has an entertainment center, why not add fire to it? You can buy an insert and install it into your own entertainment center, but why waste the time? You can get yourself an entertainment center that already has a fireplace installed in the middle as the main feature! This is a classic look combined with modern aspects, considering you wouldn’t find a fireplace within an entertainment center 30 years ago. Upgrade not just your home, but your furniture as well!

Unique Wall-Mounted Shapes

For the most modern of us, there are wall-mounted or inserted fireplaces that aren’t squares or rectangles. Instead, you can get them as circles and multiple other shapes. They work just like every other electric fireplace but look more original and unique- simple as that. They are a little more difficult to come across in regular stores so online is your best option. There are tons of shapes to choose from, even leaf shaped! There’s always a place for the wild at heart.

Free-Standing Fireplace With Mantel

A simple classic and one of the less-expensive options, a free-standing electric fireplace with a classic mantel stays in the modern genre because it never goes out of style. These are widely versatile too and easy to move, come in all sizes, and decorating options are endless. One of the most modern looks for these are of course a matte black, but turquoise or yellow seem to be huge hits as well. Your mantel can be added as part of the contemporary design- the perfect area to place your decor and change it throughout the seasons.

At A Glance: The Best Things About A Contemporary Electric Fireplace

Let’s talk about why everyone is upgrading to electric fireplaces and why you should as well. It’s simple. They are absolutely simple to maintain, beautiful, mess-free, and much safer than traditional fireplaces. Let’s look at a few other awesome aspects:

  1. Various sleek choices that are perfect for the modern home design
  2. Work with standard electrical outlets
  3. Portable and very easy to use
  4. An xcellent supplemental heat source
  5. Can be inserted, installed into a wall, hung, or free-standing

Being highly versatile and relatively inexpensive, it makes sense why people have been opting out of using traditional wood-burning fireplaces and upgrading to modern fireplace designs. Not only will they make your life easier, but they will also increase the value of your home when appraised.

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  • Catherine Sibi