Recessed Fireplaces - Everything You Need to Know


Homeowners around the globe are touting the advantages of recessed fireplaces.  These unique conversation starters can heat up your living space and add the perfect amount of elegance to your home.  While there is a wide variety of fireplaces to choose from few offer the ease of installation found in bio ethanol recessed fireplace units.

These hanging fireplaces burn green so they do not produce harmful byproducts such as smoke or soot and they can be installed almost anywhere.  Traditional fireplaces are large, clunky, and not a realistic option for renters seeking to add a fire feature to their home.  The homeowner can spend thousands of dollars adding a fireplace and chimney to their home or they can go with a recessed bio ethanol unit that will provide them with a real flame and heat for a fraction of the cost.  

This is also a great way to add the ultimate conversation piece to your home.  The elegant and modern design of most recessed fireplaces is sure to spark interests in the minds of your guests. A great example would be is the Lata Bio Ethanol Wall Mount or Recessed Fireplace. It looks really expensive and produce real fire and heat as well.

Lata Bio Ethanol Wall Mount or Recessed Fireplace

Lata Bio Ethanol Wall Mount or Recessed Fireplace 

Bio-Ethanol Recessed Fireplace Option

Due to the ease of installation and modern designs, there are a plethora of different fireplace styles to pick from.  This means you can get the perfect fit for your living space without having to fork out thousands of dollars.  If you are looking for an extremely high-end unit for your home, you still have that option a well.

More Finishes

Recessed fireplaces can come in hundreds of different finish styles ranging from stainless steel to faux wood.  Whatever type of recessed fireplace you are looking for, there is sure to be  finish to fit your desires.  These unique fire features give homeowners the perfect way to express themselves through functional art.


While recessed fireplaces are designed to provide supplemental heat only, they are still capable of producing allot of BTUs.  Units with multiple burners can give you the best results as a 1.5-liter burner can produce around 6000 BTU.  This means a 4 burner recessed fireplace unit will deliver 24000 BTU in heating performance.

Maximum Bio Ethanol Wall Mount Recessed Fireplace

Maximum Bio Ethanol Wall Mount Recessed Fireplace

Real Flames

The internet has become filled with LED fireplace options that produce lighting effects rather than actual flame.  While these units to provide additional functionality, the fact that they use artificial flame and heat can be a real downer to someone looking for a real fire and heat in their living space.  LED hanging fireplace options can look gimmicky and depending on your decor, you are sure to get the most from a real flame feature such as a bio ethanol recessed fireplace.

Ventless Options

Since bio ethanol burns clean this eliminates the need for exhaust vents.  This also means that you can enjoy real fire-generated heat in compact and tight spaces.  This is part of the reason that bio ethanol fireplaces have become a hit with apartment owners around the world.

Maintenance Free

Other than changing the bio ethanol fuel cans out once they are done, there is little to no maintenance required when owning these units.  This is a stark difference from traditional fireplaces that require multiple cleanings and wipe downs to prevent the buildup of soot.

Tokio Recessed Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

Tokio Recessed Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

Cost Effective

In terms of fire feature options, no other type of fireplace can give you real flames at a cheaper installation cost.  Gas powered units require lines to run and traditional fireplaces can cost thousand to install.  A recessed fireplace can be placed on your wall and mounted flush.  Other than the initial cost of mounting, only buying new fuel canisters remains for the recessed fireplace owner.

Multiple Settings

Bio ethanol fireplaces give you more control over the flames than traditional fireplaces. Simply adjust your burner settings to get the flame you desire.  This is the easiest way to get custom sized flame features into your home without running expensive gas lines. 

Recessed Fireplaces - A Great New Look

Few décor items give your room the personality found in a recessed fireplace.  These unique flame producing décor items can keep you comfortable and feel relaxed all year around.  Take your time and consider your overall décor prior to deciding on the style of the recessed fireplace to get and you will enjoy years of clean heating and great conversations with friends over the gentle glow of a real fire.

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  • Catherine Sibi