Sleek All-Black Ethanol Wall Fireplaces


Whether you’re looking for something bold to stand out against a white or similar backdrop or a subtle touch of fire to blend into a darker environment, the ventless design of a wall mounted bioethanol fires ensures that you have the versatility in placement and utility wherever you desire. No matter what the media or fashionistas claim, black is always the new black. It’s a beautiful color that fits right in with any color palette. Sure, it shows dust a little more than other colors, but that’s easily fixed with a couple swipes of a lint-free cloth and more than worth the benefits you’ll be getting from the ventless design and ease of use. The sleek designs of all-black fireplaces are in high demand, and you’ll want to get an idea of what the market has to offer before you make your decision. What good is a choice if not well-informed? So let’s take a look and see what might appeal the most.


Now, I can sing the praises of ventless bio ethanol wall fireplaces all day, but there are just a few quick and easy details you’ll want to be aware of before considering. Ethanol fireplaces produce no smoke, only minute traces of CO2 and water vapor. There are no toxic gasses requiring a chimney, and no meaningful soot outside of a small amount that gathers on the back panel after a month or more of steady use. You don’t have to haul in wood, fight with tinder and matches, nor do you have to shovel ashes out at the end of the day before they turn acidic. All you need is a funnel, fuel, a rag to wipe up spills before you light it, and a lighter with which to start the flames. It really is just that simple, safe, and manageable. All right, enough singing.


Wynn Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace


Of all the fireplaces on this list, the Wynn is easily my favorite and you’ll soon see why. The full steel construction and matte black finish house a simply beautiful design, without excess or flounce, providing four to six hours of burn time on a 1.42 liter tank with adjustable burner. This puts out a modest 6500 BTU, which is more than enough to chase off the chill from a good sized room. The Wynn can be wall-mounted or, if you’re looking for something a little more permanent, can be built into your chosen wall, further integrating it into your chosen environment. The tempered glass panel provides safety against wandering hands, and the Eco-Feu patent pending Automatic Convection System and Shutter Mechanism work hard to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fireplace system. At a modest 35 7/8 inches' wide by 31 15/16 inches tall x 8 1/8 inches deep, the Wynn weighs a svelte 65 pounds and its 11 1/4th inch burner opening provides up to 9 inches of flame.


Eco-Feu Wellington Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace


The Wellington design is a solid, attractive fireplace with strong edges and bold lines that cradle up to 9 inch flames in a beautiful frame as if a painting has come to life. Similar to the Wynn, the Wellington takes a more cubic approach to the same matte black elegance, though they share the full steel construction, 304 stainless steel burner, and tempered safety glass. It can also be wall-mounted or built in, with the same level of ease. Matching in BTUs and fuel tank size, the Wellington takes what the Wynn started and makes it a solid, sturdy, beautiful piece of living wall art, in solid black with dancing flames that are only more expressive against the dark background. Weighing about 55 pounds and measuring in at 33 1/2 inches wide by 22 7/8 inches tall and 8 7/8 inches deep, the Wellington is a perfect fit for whatever room you wish to bring in a striking, functional piece of art.


Bio Blaze Square Large 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace


When it comes to filling a larger space with heat and doing so in picture-perfect style, the Bio Blaze Square Large 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace really does all the work for you. Bio Blaze recently unveiled their new ability to offer this best seller in whatever color is available on their palette, meaning that this formerly restricted design now comes in a sleek, sexy black frame. Featuring two burners and optional safety glass, the Bio Blaze Square Large 2 can put out a whopping 12,283 BTUs of solid warmth for a steady three hours on its two-quart tank. The burners are adjustable so you aren’t wasting unnecessary fuel and can enjoy your flickering flames for longer. Everything you need is already included, and there’s no installation necessary, outside of setting up the mounting bracket for the 39 inch tall by 21 1/2 inch high and 8 inch deep, 92 pound feature. Easy peasy done, and your room looks infinitely more fantastic for it.


Bio Blaze Diamond 1 Biofuel Wall Fireplace


The old adage “go big or go home” is great when you’re living in your own home, but what if you want that sleek black fireplace in an apartment or smaller space? You don’t want to fill an entire wall with something too large or clunky, it’s best to find what fits your needs and desires. For that reason, the Bio Blaze Diamond 1 packs all the sassy curves of the Wynn into a smaller, sexier (if you can believe it) package that fits a demure 31.5" wide by 24.4" high and 7.5" deep and 49 pounds. Three small round burners provide about three hours of warmth before requiring a refill, and the wall mount is simple and easy to relocate whenever you desire. The Diamond 1 is hands down the simplest and most enjoyable way to bring chic contemporary design into a small living space without having to do invasive construction and modifications to your home.


Chelsea Indoor Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace


I have to admit, the first time I saw the Chelsea, I thought about the Jetsons and how retro chic the design appeared. It’s a different kind of approach to the sophisticated curves that the Diamond 1 and the Wynn express, and provides a unique kind of flair that threatens to increase the level of enjoyment in your home. The tempered glass prevents accidental burns while it provides five hours per 1.5 liters of fuel, filling your space with a comfortable 8400 BTUs of heat. In black, the Chelsea is the perfect subtle accent to catch and hold your visitors’ attention while providing practical comfort and relaxation.

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  • Candace Osmond