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How to Maintain Your Ventless Fireplace


So you’ve bought your ventless fireplace and it is installed and ready to heat your home. But how do you make sure your new fireplace stays efficient and clean for years to come? What’s the best way to maintain it and is it safe to dismantle and do some repairs or maintenance yourself? We’ve put together a great how to guide to help you maintain your ventless fireplace.


What will I need?

Some basic cleaning equipment is needed but all of it is inexpensive and easy to find. Just get a torch, pipe cleaners, a can of compressed air and have your vacuum to hand (a hand held style vacuum is easier but if you have an attachment for your regular cleaner that will also work fine).


How often do I need to clean my ventless fireplace?

Every fireplace needs regular cleaning and maintenance. While a regular, log burning fire requires daily attention, a ventless model doesn’t need quite as much cleaning.

You should aim to give your fireplace a quick clean once a week and try to give it a thorough maintenance and repair check every three months.

If you don’t maintain your ventless fireplace, you could find it will stop working properly or even become clogged, hazardous and even start to smell.


How do I clean it?

  1. Firstly, make sure the whole unit is turned off and the pilot light is out. If it has been in use, allow it to cool right down until it is cold to the touch. Even if the outside seems cold, the internal parts may still be hot so to be safe make sure it is left for half an hour.


  1. Remove the logs and take out the embers. Inspect everything in your ventless fireplace visually for any dirt.


  1. Check the air inlet holes. These allow oxygen to mix with the gas and give you an efficient and clean burning fireplace. These holes, as they draw in air, can become clogged with dust, dirt particles and even lint. They should be cleaned every three months or if you live in a dusty environment check them every 8 to ten weeks.


  1. Burner tube needs to be kept dirt free. This is where the can of compressed air comes in handy. Using the thin nozzle attachment, you can make sure to blow any dust particles from the burner tube without having to fully dismantle your fireplace.


  1. A yellow tip on your pilot flame means your flame is dirty. When the pilot flame is off, use the can of compressed air to clean off any dust or dirt that might have collected there.


  1. Finally, vacuum around the base of your fire to pick up pet hair or dust. Look for soot build up on the logs and if there are dark patches then it might mean they have been put in the wrong place or are not fitting together properly.

Safe Fuel Handling Tips for Your Ethanol Ventless Fireplace

Beautiful, functional and easy to maintain. These three things are among the best features of an ethanol ventless fireplace, making it a favorite go-to furnace of modern homeowners. However, a new concern has been on the rise, especially at the slow upsurge of news with regards to this fireplace’s safety. Is an ethanol fireplace safe to use at home? Let’s find out.

Truth to be told, ethanol ventless fireplaces are virtually safe. However, this is when you use it according to the manufacturer’s standards. Many consumers start shying away from this type of furnace, afraid of the instances such as fuel spillage, skin irritation and explosion when using the burner. But ethanol furnace related accidents should not be taken as a whole. There are many factors which have affected the safety of a unit. One, the ethanol fireplace should be of excellent quality and must be produced by a trusted brand. Two, users should operate the furnace with great precaution. A little bit of recklessness may cause a big damage to your property, no matter what kind of appliance you use.

Don’t let naysayers keep you from achieving a room with great interiors paired with the perfect heating unit. An ethanol fireplace can be the safest choice, as long as you stick to these reminders.

  • Remember that when you use an ethanol fireplace, you will be operating a unit with open fire and real flames. This gives you the same experience as a traditional stove, minus the wood crackling experience, the scent of the logs burning, and the soot that comes from the residue of the smoke. Just as you won't come near the fire of the traditional stove, so should you with an ethanol based unit.
  • Because it makes use of flammable gas, you want to make sure that the fuel won't come near the unit itself. Pouring ethanol into the fireplace while it is burning is dangerous. When the fuel spills, fire catches through the fluid. What you need to do is to wait until the fireplace stops giving fire and is completely cool before you reapply a can of fuel.
  • Ethanol fuel is a clean, plant-based fuel derived from crops--corn, wheat and the likes. It does not produce fumes or smoke, but it also requires oxygen to run. Operating an ethanol fireplace inside an enclosed room might cause some problems; you might experience difficulty in breathing. Thus, proper air circulation is a must. Open your windows a bit and let the air come back and forth.
  • Setting the unit on fire is easy, but must be done with caution. Never let your hand or your face get near the unit. Use a long matchstick or a lengthy flicker to set the fuel on fire. When the ethanol oil gets on your skin, wash it immediately and if allergies occur, consult your physician.
  • The burner is the most important part of the furnace. This is where the fuel is transformed into a beautiful row of fire, dancing and keeping you warm. It is important therefore, to purchase a quality burner. Some burners made of cheap materials can easily overheat and may cause explosions. Buy only from reliable manufacturers and brand known for their integrity.

Choosing the Best Table Top Fireplace


Whether indoors or out, a tabletop fireplace is something which can truly impress guests. If your goal isn’t to impress, it can also simply serve as a relaxing piece of art; something you can sit and enjoy at the end of the day with a glass of wine and a good book. You might have limited wall space or prefer the flexibility to move your feature fireplace around your home. 

There are any number of excellent reasons to consider a tabletop fireplace. With the ease in which they can be set up, and the many different styles they come in, there isn’t much reason to not think about adding one to your home or office.

Here are a few different options you might want to mull over.

Chatsworth Tabletop Gel Fuel Fireplace


The Chatsworth Tabletop Gel Fuel Fireplace sits on your table like a work of art. Looking like a large flower from a metal jungle, the fireplace comes to life when lit. With its aluminum body, the fireplace won’t suffer from any rusting, pitting or corrosion, even if left outside. The fireplace uses gel fuel canisters as its fuel source, which burn cleanly and need no ventilation. Since it comes in both gold and silver, choosing the right version for your decor shouldn’t be a major issue. Get more information about this piece here.


Heathcote Tabletop Gel Fuel Fireplace


The Heathcote Tabletop Gel Fuel Fireplace has flower petals that turn up, as though they are drawn to the central flame. This tabletop fireplace uses a gel fuel which burns clean, keeping you and your family safe from the gasses and soot which come from other fuel sources. It also features an aluminum body, allowing it to be used indoors and out. At 14 inches in width and depth, this piece will fit on a coffee or end table without taking up too much room. For more on this piece, click here.


Mika Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace


Like something out of a fantasy or science fiction movie, the Mika Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace is sure to bring some elegance and mystery to your home. In a shadowy black or vivid white ceramic, this tabletop fireplace will match a modern decor with class and style. This fireplace is an eco-friendly option that uses bio ethanol to burn. With its small size and only weighing in at five pounds, the Mika Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace is perfect to use for an extra special candlelit dinner or drinks with guests. Learn more here.


Nu-Flame Doppio Rouge Tabletop Fireplace


If you want to make a statement, go red. The Nu-Flame Doppio Rouge Tabletop Fireplace does that, and it does it well. With a 10-inch diameter, this attention-grabbing fireplace can fit pretty much anywhere. At 14 pounds, it’s not too heavy to move on a regular basis, just make sure to do it while it’s cool! If the Nu-Flame Doppio Rouge Tabletop Fireplace has you seeing red, click here to learn more about it.


Lexington Table Top Indoor/Outdoor Biofuel Fireplace


When it comes to finding the right piece for your home, options are important. Not only is the Lexington Table Top Indoor/Outdoor Biofuel Fireplace incredibly striking, it comes in five different colors sure to match whatever you’ve got going on in your home or office. With its long, pointed oval shape and tall glass panels, it has a modern feel to it. It’s a little on the wide side, coming in at 20 inches, but at only eight inches deep, it won’t take up a whole lot of table space. If options are your thing, see them all here.


Bio-Blaze Kaslik Freestanding Fireplace - Small


With the Bio-Blaze Kaslik Freestanding Fireplace, you know what you’re getting: a warm flame, flickering for your delight. This fireplace features a highly modern, sophisticated design, yet it remains playful, not taking itself too seriously. Composed of high quality stainless steel, this fireplace is made to last. It burns eco-friendly bio ethanol, which is odorless and leaves no ash or other residue. And, best of all, it has an adjustable flame, allowing you to set the mood exactly as you see fit. This piece comes in black, white, red and taupe. If cubism is something you’re into, or if you just like the way it looks, check out more here.


Sit back and relax

A flickering flame provides the perfect ambience for a dinner party or family get together. People have been using candles for years to create a peaceful feel but you can get the same effect from a tabletop fire.

A great conversation starter, it will also keep your guests warm if you choose to sit outdoors to eat.

No mess or fuss

Have you ever tried to clear an outdoor table and realised wax has been spilled all over it? Or have you found soot stains on a tablecloth? With a tabletop fireplace you don’t have any of the smoke, ash, melted wax or soot to deal with.

If you choose a model which uses bioethanol fuel, it gives off less carbon dioxide than three candles so it is also eco-friendly.

As they are built to be self contained, you can move a tabletop fireplace to anywhere you want. If you decide you want to move the party indoors, just carry your unit with you and enjoy it inside.

Peace of mind

You might think having a fire on the table is a safety hazard but tabletop fireplaces are designed specifically with safety in mind.  Most models surround the flame with specially treated glass to make sure it is a pretty feature while also being safe for small children and pets.

A design to suit every home

There are hundreds of designs when it comes to tabletop fireplaces. Ranging from tiny designs which only measure 8cm high to larger models which can run the whole length of your table.

If you want to create a seamless look, you can buy a tabletop insert. These models allow you to cut a hole into your table and sink the fireplace into it. It has been designed to create a focal point while still giving a classy feel to the table.

Glass screens around the flame mean you don’t have to worry about things falling into the flames and protects the fire from the wind.

So next time you think about hosting a dinner party and want something to get your guests talking, think about installing a tabletop fireplace. You’re sure to make your party a success and be the envy of your neighbors!

The Perfect Fireplace Solution to Your New Home Remodel

A new season has come and it's about time for a home overhaul. After all, nothing creates a crisp, fresh feeling than a sight of a remodeled interior, with a whole new paint job and rearranged furniture. It gives you the motivation to fill your spaces with new memories, right after you take away the clutter of the past season. There are things which you want to keep and things you want to dispose of, especially the bulky objects in your room. Just like that fireplace.

Perhaps a fireplace switch is probably what your home needs; you're looking to replace your regular hearth with something modern and easier to maintain. Or maybe you want to finally install a heating support without the efforts of breaking your interior's aesthetics. If this is the case, before jumping into any purchase, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do you intend to use your fireplace? Do you want real flames, or a unit that gives off the same feeling without stocking on extra fuel? Maybe you want your fireplace to be a supplemental heat source. Or maybe, you need it to act as an ambient feature, adding to the cosmetic features of your home.
  2. Are you willing to do it yourself? Some fireplace units, like an ethanol ventless fireplace, is already prepped up for consumer use. You can easily install freestanding furnaces on areas of your home where you want to decorate it with. Or maybe, if you're looking for an architectural challenge, perhaps you want to use an ethanol burner to use on empty hearts or inserts? Our ventless ethanol range offers many possibilities for you to enjoy these new features.
  3. How much are you willing to pay? Ethanol fireplaces are inexpensive to purchase; the question now, is the frequency of its use. You need to have an idea of your regular burning time and the cost of fuel per refill. Make sure that you buy products from legitimate manufacturers, as low-quality fuel might ruin your unit.
  4. How big is your room? It is good to remember that ethanol fireplaces produce real flames, and these flames consumes oxygen. Thus, you need to make sure that the burner's size is the correct measure for the space you intend it for. A large burner has a bigger fire output and requires a bigger amount of oxygen; you wouldn't want to place that in a small room.
  5. Should you go manual or automatic? Most ethanol fireplaces are manually lit; you need a long match or a lighter to create a spark in the burner. But there are automated burners which makes use of a push button ignition that can be controlled remotely. Consider this if you want a convenient fireplace option.

Having a modern fireplace indeed creates an extravagant feature in your home. It functions as a heating support, and as a visual, ambience-creating feature. Thanks to its ventless property, an ethanol fireplace, complete with its real flames, can easily replace your traditional furnace and upgrade the look of your home into a chic, urban space you long for.

7 Must Have Accessories for Ethanol Fireplaces


Ventless fireplaces are all the rage lately. They’re odorless, mess free, safer than conventional wood burning ones, and produce zero emissions. So why wouldn’t you have one, right? With those stats you could have one in every room of the house. But everything comes with accessories, and no ethanol fireplace is complete without these 7 key items.


1) Burner Insert Holder

You could buy a fancy ethanol fireplace or you could just opt for the burner insert and get this sleek holder to go with it. By doing so, you can place the fireplace just about anywhere.


2) Ceramic Logs

These ceramic logs are the coolest thing since sliced bread. With these, you can give your ventless fireplace a more realistic look and feel. They don’t melt and are easily cleaned with soap and water.


3) Decorative Stones

If ceramic logs aren’t your thing, then check out these decorative fireplace stones. Can be used in ethanol or gel fireplaces and totally dress up your ventless fireplace.


4) Fireplace Stand

If you don’t want to clutter up your tabletops or patio with a fireplace burner, then consider getting it its own stand. This bad boy can be used indoor or outdoors and gives your fireplace a spot to be displayed without the worry of knocking it over.


5) Fuel for Your Fire

This item is definitely a must have. You can exactly use your ethanol fireplace without the fuel that sets it off. Totally safe, clean burning, and emission free, stock up and enjoy your real flame fireplace for years to come.


6) Fireplace Lighter

Never worry about looking for matches or a conventional lighter. And definitely never worry about burning yourself. This long, slender ethanol fireplace lighter is the perfect accessory to help you out with that.


7) Fire Glass


Not to be confused with fireplace stones. Stones are merely for decorative purposes only. These gorgeous fire glass pieces actually help your fire burn and burn beautifully. Fire proof, does not melt, no sharp edges, and gives your ventless fireplace a cool, sleek look.

Ethanol Fireplace and Sustainable Homes

Some fireplaces are created better than others. While there are furnace types that leave a large dose of carbon footprint every time they are used, ethanol fireplaces, on the other hand, goes the different direction. This eco-friendly fireplace option is perfect for homeowners who desires to create a sustainable setting in their loft. Easy to install, affordable, and produces fewer emissions than other varieties, this is a practical choice that also gives back to the environment.

Because of the many calamities produced by climate change, many consumers are now switching to the sustainable lifestyle, even at home. Sustainable homes are becoming popular as we all become aware of the need to protect our environment. Choosing greener options do not only save the planet but also keeps us healthy physically and practically.

As of the old, customers have a great desire for traditional, wood-burning stoves because of the experience. True enough, there's a satisfying feeling when one sniffs the aroma of the burning wood while watching the fire cackle. The embers light up the air with small, subtle glows as the ashes drift from the stove to the atmosphere. However, creating a traditional stove costs one a huge amount of money, as well as labor. Constructing the necessary flue is no joke. One will have to cosmetically alter their homes and buildings before they can thoroughly enjoy their furnace.

But traditional furnaces are the opposite of a sustainable home's philosophy. The heat that comes from the wood-burning stove is not efficiently used, as it scatters towards the vent and escapes through gaps. At some point, the furnace may also be in conflict with the already-installed floor-heating. It is also known that the burnt debris adds to the particle pollution in the planet.

Regular fireplaces, therefore, are not fit for those who wants a greener solution for their homes. This doesn't mean, however, that one cannot enjoy having a heating ornament, especially during those cold, wintry days. An alternative, such as an ethanol fireplace, matches the principles of sustainability in more ways an ordinary fireplace can. Wondering how? Here are some of the facts.

  1. Your ethanol fireplace produces a heat output of 2-3kW, compared to the 6kW heat output produced by a regular wood furnace.
  2. Since your ethanol fireplace does not require a vent, it can easily adapt to the floor heating, supplying an extra push to your heating facility whenever needed.
  3. You are not exposed to toxic particles that may spread to the room because of the burnt debris. This usually happens when one opens the grills to add more logs to the fire. The children and pets are at risk of inhaling these toxic fumes and particles which may have a bad effect on their health.

Your ethanol fireplace is the perfect alternative for a greener, cleaner fireplace. The best part: you can easily purchase a unit or create your own design by using a burner. It’s that simple—no extra hassles in installing chimneys and vents. This way, you can easily warm up your favorite rooms with the perfect fireplace that does not require much, but still offers efficient, sustainable solution for your home, as well as for the environment.

Looking for an ethanol fireplace? You’ve come to the right place. Discover remarkable designs and units by browsing through our online store!