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Ventless Fireplaces – FAQ’s


Have you been wondering about what is missing in your home? Do you find yourself staring at a large empty space in your living room during the winter, while you are wrapped up in a blanket? A vent less fireplace may be just what you need to fill that space! This article will be discussing some of the more commonly asked questions on this topic.


What is a vent free fireplace?

This type of fireplace does not require any type of ventilation. When it burns, the by-products are cycled through the house instead of out a chimney. The by-products are required to be clean and non-toxic to the inhabitants of the home. As well, there are regulations regarding the size of the room that the fireplace is in and the source of fresh air supply that run through.


How are the fireplaces powered?

An electric vent less fireplace will operate if you plug it into a standard 120V outlet. You can choose to run your fireplace with the heat turned on or off. To use the fireplace, you will have a remote that allows you to turn it off or on, and to regulate the flame.


How safe are they?

When adding a fireplace to your home, there is always the concern that someone will get burned, whether it be children, adults or pets. Electric vent less fireplaces are good in that regard because the glass in front does not get hot. It stays cool and can be touched without getting burned. As well, the fireplaces do not emit any harmful fumes such as CO2 or smoke. The only thing you have to worry about is having a fresh air flow into the room with the fireplace.


Are they efficient?

Vent less fireplaces are very efficient when it comes to heating your house. This is because there is no ventilation where the heat escapes out of. All the heat is returned into the house, which will save you money on your electric bill.


How much heat do they provide?

The amount of heat provided will depend on the type of fireplace that you choose. For example, an ethanol vent less fireplace will typically give out 2.5-3.5kW of heat when it is in use. This will heat a room that is approximately 20 square meters. An electric vent less fireplace will be able to heat rooms that are larger in size.


The legality of vent less fireplaces

There are a great deal of regulations when it comes to vent less fireplaces. As mentioned above, the by-products of the fireplace must be clean and not cause anyone ill health effects, and the room where it is set up must meet certain standards. However, you do not need a permit to own a vent less fireplace if they have been deemed legal in the area where you live. Check the regulations of your specific area before you decide to purchase one of these fireplace. They will differ depending where you live and what type of vent less fireplace you want to get. 

Corner Ventless Fireplaces


A room can be instantly transformed just by adding a fireplace. A fireplace adds a touch of elegance to your room as well as providing warmth and a cozy light to your room.


But if you don’t have a lot of wall space or a flat area that would fit a fireplace you might think you can’t install one.


But a ventless fireplace could be the answer. These fireplaces don’t need a flue or chimney so you don’t need to worry about the cost or hassle of installing it.


And with corner shaped designs becoming even more popular, a ventless fireplace is now even more versatile and can fit in even more homes.


We’ve looked through some of the benefits and features of different models of corner fireplaces whether it’s design or fuel type, there are hundreds of options available to make sure you can have the fireplace of your dreams – whatever the space you have.




Whether you’re looking for modern or contemporary finishes, there is a corner fireplace to suit every home.


They come in a wide range of materials and finishes. For the traditional home, a molded stone or wood fireplace will add that opulence to any home. And with the bonus of a mantelpiece over the fire itself, you can also have a place to put ornaments or photographs. From dark walnut and rich mahogany to lighter woods and veneers, you can choose the finish to match your décor and room style.


Stainless steel is a good choice if you’re looking for a modern fireplace. The material is resistant to corrosion and will stay looking good for years to come. You could even choose a surround which has lights or colored LEDs to add a unique twist to your fireplace.


Rather than tucking your fireplace into a corner, you could build into the wall itself. A ventless fireplace can be installed into a corner which is protruding into the room to turn an ugly feature of your space into a unique and interesting talking point.


And if storage is what you are after, then you can get a ventless fireplace contained within a storage unit. The fire itself is mounted midway up the unit itself and you can have space for candles, ornaments or books on the bottom or above. This can add a feature to your room while also giving you more storage space in a smaller area.


Fuel Types


There are three main types of power source you can choose for your ventless fireplace – electric, gas or bioethanol.


All three of these sources do not need venting and they mean your fireplace will be a lot easier to clean and maintain than a traditional, wood burning model.


The pros of bioethanol fireplace is that they can be installed anywhere as the fuel is contained within the fireplace itself. With an electric or gas fire, you need to hook it up to the mains gas supply or install it somewhere near an electric socket.

Trendy: The Best Ventless Fireplaces for Your Home

The latest trend in home décor and accessories is ventless fireplaces. That means having an alternative source of heat that does not require the fussy and mechanical venting that traditional wood burning fireplaces come with. So if you don’t burn wood and you don’t need venting, then what do you need? What are your options when it comes to ventless fireplaces?

1) Electric Mantle

Electric mantle fireplaces are pieces of furniture. They have the look and feel of a real wood burning unit, equipped with the encasing of a wooden mantelpiece. Have them freestanding throughout your home, all you need is an electrical outlet. Or place one underneath a wall mounted TV. These are great for those of you who prefer the look of a traditional fireplace.

2) Electric Wall Fireplace

These have the same general concept as the electric mantles, only they are meant to be installed right on the wall as a “floating” design. Again, all you need is an electric plug in and you’re good to go! No venting required; you could install these guys in your bathroom if you wanted.

3) Electric Stove

An electric stove is more of a freestanding unit than a mantle model. It’s meant to be moved around as needed but can serve as an added piece of décor to any room. Often, they have the look and feel of an old fashioned wood stove.

4) Ethanol Burner/Insert

A bio-ethanol burner is a metal box which holds ethanol fuel that can be burned to create real flames an real heat. They can be installed in any sort of cabinet or fireplace surround. They’re great for indoors or outdoors, and are much safer than wood burning sources.

5) Ethanol Wall Fireplaces

Much like the electric wall fireplaces, ethanol models are meant to be installed right on the wall so they appear to be floating. The require zero venting, and next to nothing for clearance. The real flame that burns simulates the warmth and ambiance that a wood burning fire would.

6) Ethanol Tabletop

Ethanol tabletop fireplaces are the perfect solution to super small spaces. You don’t need an empty wall or free space in order to use one. All you need is a flat surface like an end table or shelf. The units are simple and compact, but burn a real flame so you can sit with a good book and enjoy the warmth it provides right from the couch.

Pros & Cons of Electric Fireplaces

Unfortunately, we can’t all have the luxury of a fancy, wood burning fireplace. But there’s always the option of electric units! Electric fireplaces are a great alternative heat source that has more flexibility in terms of placement and safety. But, like anything in this world, there’s positives and negatives. So, to set your mind at ease and lay it all out, here are the pros and cons of electric fireplaces.


1) Not a Real Flame
Yes, it’s true. Electric fireplaces use a simulated image of flames using lights and a screen. Some are quite realistic, though. This could be considered a con or not, it really depends on the individual.

2) Requires Electric Source
Unlike some natural gas and bio-fuel burners, electric fireplaces are limited to the availability of an electric outlet. They require to be plugged in order to be used which poses a problem during power outages, a time when an alternative heat source would be needed.


1) Alternative Heat Source
If you’ve got a room or two in your home that just always seems cold, then an electric fireplace may be a great option. Areas such as basements, spare rooms, and even older homes tend to be colder and slightly drafty. Having that backup really helps.

2) Safety
There’s just no competition when you’re comparing the safety of a wood burning fireplace to that of an electric one. No flames, no emissions, and no threat to children. The electric fireplace will never get hot enough to inflict any serious burns, either. Win, win!

3) Portability
One of the great things about an electric fireplace is its ability to be moved, event he burner inserts, if need be. But this feature mainly applies to the portable, freestanding units. Often, they come installed in a mock fireplace mantle or a TV unit. Move it from room to room to benefit from the extra heat source or enjoy from the comfort of your bed as well as your couch.

4) No Venting Required
This pro makes electric fireplaces the ideal alternative heat source for rental homes, small spaces, basement units, or condos. No venting required means that your electric fireplace can be used without the hassle of opening up walls or installing a venting system like a chimney.

Obviously, an electric fireplace will never replace real burning flames. But the option is there for anyone who’d love the features of a fireplace without the mess that comes with having one. Check out some great models here that you can order right online!

5 Non-Modern Electric Fireplaces to Fit Any Traditional Décor

There’s a huge misconception that the new trend of electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts are mostly geared towards modern settings. But that’s not really true. Yes, because it’s an innovative and streamline design, most electric fireplace models are more on the contemporary side in terms of appeal, but there are tons of really great, traditional models available. You just have to know where to look. Here is a list of 5 gorgeous electric fireplaces to fit with any traditional or casual décor.

1) The Belleville

Southwest style and sleek sophistication convene at the crossroads of this electric fireplace. Realistic faux black river stone juxtaposes handsomely with the clean woodwork of the warm finish. Designed as an entertainment console, beautifully convenient beneath a wall mounted TV; a recessed-door shelf hides the clutter of media accessories. The firebox has multicolor flames, glowing embers, and an interior brick design for a lifelike look. Warm up your living space with this mission style piece-a must for any home.

2) The Calvert

A great option for those who wish to stray from the common wood tones. Rich is the perfect description for this traditional, creamy ivory fireplace. Fluted side columns and an elegant floral design across the mantel draw attention to this classic, electric fireplace. This beautiful mantel is finished off with understated molding that complements the design fabulously. The firebox has realistic, multicolor flickering flames and glowing embers with an interior brick design for a more lifelike look.

3) The Chantilly

This is a great model for those who have the space and wish to incorporate shelving. Boldly ignite your living area with the ornate details and a classically carved electric fireplace in autumn oak. Bookending shelves echo the molding on the mantel and provide ample storage for reading materials, media accessories, or pottery. The firebox has multicolor flames, glowing embers, and an interior brick design for a lifelike look. Traditional styling combines with mission inspired accents to make this fireplace a must in every home.

4) The Claremont

This electric fireplace is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. Ideal for those who have a new age home with updated finishes but don’t necessarily like the ultra-modern look. Triangular media storage shelves enclosed by glass doors on either side of the firebox provide plenty of space for your favorite media selections. An additional media equipment shelf above the firebox is complete with convenient back wall cord access. This fireplace mantel is also designed with a collapsible panel, allowing for versatile placement against a flat wall or corner in your home. The firebox has realistic, multicolor flickering flames and glowing embers with an interior brick design for a more lifelike look.

5) The Dimplex Seabert

What a cute and efficient way to have a fireplace in a small area. Not only does this provide a source of heat where a traditional fireplace may not work, it also offers shelving in a tall, narrow design, perfect for just about any room in the home.

Top 5 Types of Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace is a fireplace, right? Wrong! There are tons of different models and styles available to suit just about every space, need, or obstacle. With all of these options readily available, there’s really no reason why everyone couldn’t enjoy the warmth and benefits of a fireplace in their home. And with the option to go electric, we now have even more reasons to have one. Here are the different types of electric fireplace that you can choose from for your home.

1) Wall Insert
An electric fireplace wall insert is the most versatile option out there. simply just a metal box that has to be plugged in, the unit allows you to customize the look of your fireplace with a modern, traditional, or eclectic style. Electric fireplace inserts also provide the option of putting it where it suits you best.

2) Portable Stove
A portable electric fireplace, or electric stove as some call it, is the perfection solution for a heat source on the go. The units are often small in size and can easily be moved by one or two people and only require an outlet in order to function. Take your heating source with you wherever you are. A cold basement? No problem. Is your bedroom chilly on a Winter night? Want a nice source of heat while you curl up on the couch with a movie? All of these needs can be met with a portable electric fireplace.

3) Furniture Piece
Any that offers dual uses is a plus. Get two things every home needs in just one unit with an electric fireplace insert in a TV stand or storage cabinet. Now, if you don’t have room for a fireplace you can simply combine it with your TV stand and get the best of both worlds. And just like your television, the fireplace only requires an outlet to plug in to.

4) Mantle
If you don’t know how or where to install a fireplace insert, or simple don’t have the space for one, consider an electric fireplace mantle. They come in an array of gorgeous styles that can match just about any setting or collection of furniture. An electric fireplace mantle can be placed under a window, behind a sofa, in a hallway, or even a bedroom. They offer extra storage, surface area, as well as a heating source all in one stylish unit.

5) Corner Unit
Is you’re faced with the issue of wanting a fireplace but simply do not posses the space or wall area to put one then take a look around your home for a free corner. An electric fireplace corner unit can solve most limited space problems and allow anyone to enjoy the benefits an warmth of a fireplace in their home.

If these options have sparked the inspiration to get yourself an electric fireplace, then check out a great selection of models available here.