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How to Maintain Your Ventless Fireplace


So you’ve bought your ventless fireplace and it is installed and ready to heat your home. But how do you make sure your new fireplace stays efficient and clean for years to come? What’s the best way to maintain it and is it safe to dismantle and do some repairs or maintenance yourself? We’ve put together a great how to guide to help you maintain your ventless fireplace.


What will I need?

Some basic cleaning equipment is needed but all of it is inexpensive and easy to find. Just get a torch, pipe cleaners, a can of compressed air and have your vacuum to hand (a hand held style vacuum is easier but if you have an attachment for your regular cleaner that will also work fine).


How often do I need to clean my ventless fireplace?

Every fireplace needs regular cleaning and maintenance. While a regular, log burning fire requires daily attention, a ventless model doesn’t need quite as much cleaning.

You should aim to give your fireplace a quick clean once a week and try to give it a thorough maintenance and repair check every three months.

If you don’t maintain your ventless fireplace, you could find it will stop working properly or even become clogged, hazardous and even start to smell.


How do I clean it?

  1. Firstly, make sure the whole unit is turned off and the pilot light is out. If it has been in use, allow it to cool right down until it is cold to the touch. Even if the outside seems cold, the internal parts may still be hot so to be safe make sure it is left for half an hour.


  1. Remove the logs and take out the embers. Inspect everything in your ventless fireplace visually for any dirt.


  1. Check the air inlet holes. These allow oxygen to mix with the gas and give you an efficient and clean burning fireplace. These holes, as they draw in air, can become clogged with dust, dirt particles and even lint. They should be cleaned every three months or if you live in a dusty environment check them every 8 to ten weeks.


  1. Burner tube needs to be kept dirt free. This is where the can of compressed air comes in handy. Using the thin nozzle attachment, you can make sure to blow any dust particles from the burner tube without having to fully dismantle your fireplace.


  1. A yellow tip on your pilot flame means your flame is dirty. When the pilot flame is off, use the can of compressed air to clean off any dust or dirt that might have collected there.


  1. Finally, vacuum around the base of your fire to pick up pet hair or dust. Look for soot build up on the logs and if there are dark patches then it might mean they have been put in the wrong place or are not fitting together properly.

7 Must Have Accessories for Ethanol Fireplaces


Ventless fireplaces are all the rage lately. They’re odorless, mess free, safer than conventional wood burning ones, and produce zero emissions. So why wouldn’t you have one, right? With those stats you could have one in every room of the house. But everything comes with accessories, and no ethanol fireplace is complete without these 7 key items.


1) Burner Insert Holder

You could buy a fancy ethanol fireplace or you could just opt for the burner insert and get this sleek holder to go with it. By doing so, you can place the fireplace just about anywhere.


2) Ceramic Logs

These ceramic logs are the coolest thing since sliced bread. With these, you can give your ventless fireplace a more realistic look and feel. They don’t melt and are easily cleaned with soap and water.


3) Decorative Stones

If ceramic logs aren’t your thing, then check out these decorative fireplace stones. Can be used in ethanol or gel fireplaces and totally dress up your ventless fireplace.


4) Fireplace Stand

If you don’t want to clutter up your tabletops or patio with a fireplace burner, then consider getting it its own stand. This bad boy can be used indoor or outdoors and gives your fireplace a spot to be displayed without the worry of knocking it over.


5) Fuel for Your Fire

This item is definitely a must have. You can exactly use your ethanol fireplace without the fuel that sets it off. Totally safe, clean burning, and emission free, stock up and enjoy your real flame fireplace for years to come.


6) Fireplace Lighter

Never worry about looking for matches or a conventional lighter. And definitely never worry about burning yourself. This long, slender ethanol fireplace lighter is the perfect accessory to help you out with that.


7) Fire Glass


Not to be confused with fireplace stones. Stones are merely for decorative purposes only. These gorgeous fire glass pieces actually help your fire burn and burn beautifully. Fire proof, does not melt, no sharp edges, and gives your ventless fireplace a cool, sleek look.

Things You Should Know About Making Gel Fires

Making fire from gel? You might be raising brows and feeling skeptical. However, this new type of fireplace offers practical and simple heating solution for homes without venting. And the best part: it's your most prudent choice. A gel fireplace could be your next best buy, especially when it comes to function and decoration. Wondering how these fires are made? Let the pros guide you through the basics.

Gel fireplaces, and the secret to their warmth

These special furnaces use a special alcohol gel, usually bought in individual canisters, to create fire. The flames burn instantly and are very clean--no smoke and toxic fumes. In order to light up the furnace, the alcohol is placed in a flame-proof container (or its can), and is lit. Heat exudes from the furnace, which can be as small as a tabletop furnace pot with pebbles, or a tailor-made installation on your wall.

A traditional gel fuel is usually contained in 500ml cans, and can be conveniently installed in the fire. Each produces about 1kW of heat, boosting the fireplace to give an ample amount of 3kW to the setting. Surprisingly, this heat is almost equal to the same warmth an electric heater produces.

Inside, the cans produce a 25cm flame at most, with an amber-orange color that sparks instantly upon lighting. If your furnace has a flame spread, you can create a wonderful illusion of fire across the base. A can of gel fuel can burn around an hour or more in its full capacity.

Gel fuel flames produce stable, steady flames that do not flicker. However, it is important to purchase fuel from trusted sources, as low-quality gel fuels will result less heat and may even damage your furnace. How to check? Cheaper gel fuels produce a hint of blue flames.

The advantages of gel fireplaces

Choosing a gel fireplace over your conventional heating offers many benefits. For one, it does not require a flue and demands less maintenance than other forms of fireplaces. Other positive points include:

Inexpensive. Gel furnaces are cost-effective. There are many easy-to-install models in the market that needs no aid from professionals. If you're an avid DIY enthusiast, you can conveniently integrate this furnace in your home. Custom-made gel furnaces, on the other hand, are comparatively cheaper when set against gas and wood fueled furnaces.

Efficiency. No chimneys, no vents, no worries! None of the heat escapes the room, so that means you make use of the fire the fuel produces. This is a smart choice, compared to the traditional fireplace which only gives off 60% of the heat.

Decorative. Other than the many designs available in the market, you have the freedom to install a gel fireplace in many ways you like. There are free standing furnaces, corner fireplaces and even table inserts to decorate small spaces!

Environment-friendly. The clean nature of the gel-fueled flame makes you an advocate of Mother Nature. No harmful smoke. No irritating odor. No chemical fumes. It’s wise to choose a safe heating solution not only for your family, but for the environment as well.

Looking for gel fireplaces? Visit our store and discover a vast array of products to suit your needs!

Gel Fireplaces: Your Frugal Choice

Let's face it: maintaining a fireplace is no easy task, especially when it comes to handling utility bills. Heating costs swoop up especially during colder months. The current economy isn't exactly helping. Wise and prudent consumers, therefore, are always on a lookout for better heating alternatives that won't send them over the edge. If you're among those looking for a practical solution to warm up your home, a gel wall fireplace could be your best choice. How? Here are the many reasons.

You get so save money on purchase

Homeowners get the best deal with a no-fuss heating product upfront. Gel fireplaces are easily among the most inexpensive items to purchase, thanks to its low-cost fuel. If your home lacks a vent, this is your perfect solution; no need for an interior overhaul to construct a chimney. You only need to install the furnace on the wall (you can also ask the aid of professionals), plug it in, and let the warmth fill the room. The best part: it's a low-maintenance heating solution that requires less upkeep. Think of how much you can save before, during and after use of this furnace! 

It's a healthier choice too!

Since gel wall fireplaces don't produce irritating smoke and debris, you and your family can literally breathe easy. These fireplaces are ventless and makes use of gelled alcohol fuel. These do not produce toxic fumes and irritating odor, unlike the traditional variants. Make sure that the item you're buying complies with industry standards so you'd have peace of mind while enjoying the cozy atmosphere.

It covers your heating needs

Worried if its heating ability is enough for your space? A vast majority of the gel wall fireplace range suits a variety of spaces, from large to small rooms. You can discover that these furnace types are up to par with popular electric fireplaces in the market, heating medium-sized rooms.

Tasteful, minimalist designs to suit your interior

If you're the homeowner with strict design aesthetics, a gel wall fireplace can perfectly solve your desire for decor. Here in our store, you can discover a wide range of wall fireplaces with different designs, complementing various interior colors and themes. Choose from modern framed furnaces to a full console to mix your media with. There are also special fireplace inserts for you to use on your DIY decorating.

Looking for other alternatives?

We've got you covered. If a gel fireplace is not the one you've been pinning for, don't fret. We've got a complete range of electric and ethanol fireplaces to suit your needs and lifestyle too! See our plethora of designs, from small, tabletop items to wall-integrated recessed frames. Our shop covers ventless furnaces that does not require any chimneys nor make use of non-environment friendly fuel.

Make that frugal choice; select the fireplace that does not only give you a better, inexpensive option upon purchase, but also saves you time and money in utility bills and maintenance. Choose ventless. Discover your options by browsing through our shop and find out your perfect home heating solution!

Understanding Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

For those of you who have been newly drawn to the beauty of ventless fireplaces, you must be wondering about the many possible ways you can use this for decor, other than warmth, for your home. There are many styles, sizes and construct that were made to suit different tastes. However, if you're one of those who'd like to go stripped-down and minimal, perhaps a ventless fireplace insert is just what you need.

Fireplace inserts are open stove that has been modified to fit within different types of masonry. Inserts are used in bare furnace schemes, as well as to be placed inside an existing shell. There are many things you can do with inserts, and the ventless range offers much more benefits than the regular ones. Among them: no dangerous fumes, no irritating smell, no soot, no ashes, and no dark gray smoke to cloud up your space. You also get the freedom to move it wherever you like, and this is perfect for those who transfer from one place to another.

Unlike traditional inserts, ventless inserts do not require any chimney or vent. The only thing you'll need is proper insulation and as much as possible, a good circulation of fresh air inside the room. This cuts down the potential expenses of a room makeover (caused by the construction of a flue), which means you get to save a lot of money.

There are different fireplace inserts. All of these are made to suit your space as well as your budget. Take a look at these three variants and discover which one is right for you.

  1. The standard model. Most models sold in the market are ready to be used as they are. These inserts are usually square in shape and can be bought from different manufacturers. Some inserts can be small enough to be placed atop a small flat surface. Some are big enough to warm a room. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, this is your best bet.
  2. The customized insert. These made-to-measure inserts are perfect for homeowners who want something tailor-made. Manufacturers come and measure your ventless fireplace model and crafts an insert that fits the space. This is perfect if you don't want to construct your fireplace by yourself. Despite being the more expensive solution, many homeowners go for this option, especially when they are building or renovating their property.
  3. The DIY insert. You get the full freedom to choose your fireplace design and the insert that runs it! It could be ethanol. It could be electric. It could be gel. This works nicely for carpentry enthusiasts and interior decoration lovers.

You can infuse your insert in many different designs, such as a granite corner on the wall, or atop the marble slab of your kitchen nook. With ventless fireplace inserts, you get to add a warming element to any space inside your home, without requiring too much of the area. It also adds a cosmetic appeal to any boring space! Looking for the perfect ventless insert? Visit our store and discover new products today.

Perfect Match: Apartments and Ventless Fireplaces

What's holding you back from owning a fireplace? Is it because you live in an apartment? Fret no further. A fireplace, even while living in a high-rise, is not impossible. In fact, there are many fireplace options that does not require chimneys or even venting. And, take note: they do not cost as much as your traditional furnace.

What causes the no

But first, let us look at the things that hinders you from achieving your hearth haven. For those living in urban spaces, most buildings require vents that lead outside which can be expensive, much less to say difficult, to install. In most penthouses, flues run to the roof. However, what if you are living in a small apartment where venting isn't available.

Secondly, even if you are fortunate enough to purchase an apartment with a wood-burning fireplace, your building codes may stop you from using it. This is due to the possibility of smoke inside the building. You don't want to gain a bad rep among your neighbors because of that. All you can do is to ask for approval from the homeowners’ board. Which, in most cases, often comes with conditions.

Warm up to this idea

Let go of the imaginary fire cackles. Most of you may want to have a true-blue outdoor experience even in the middle of your urban scape with an ambient fireplace. The scent of the wood burning, the sound of the fire cackling, and the warm glow that comes from the stove is ideal, but let's face it. This part won't be made available to you as you dwell in your studio. We, however, have a few alternatives.

You don't need a vent. Ventless fireplaces are powered by friendly fuels: either gel, ethanol, or electric, which means that there's no smoke, no fumes and no extra heat flying off away from your room. These alternatives are much efficient compared to the traditional ones, and are also environment friendly, as they produce little carbon dioxide. You benefit from these furnaces on many different levels: no mess, since there are no leftover ashes to clean up after burning, and no additional cosmetic overhaul is needed. All you have to do is plug it in, let it run, and allow yourself to bask into the warmth of these furnaces.

Decor-wise, these fireplaces hit the right mark too! These beautiful furnaces are designed with tasteful aesthetics so that the end result makes you feel you're looking at the real thing. Each produces an imagery of an amber burnt fire inside, some with their wood accessories. You can place these items anywhere—inside your living room, by the corner, or atop the table. Some designs even have TV & Media consoles included for a complete look.

Eye-catching, versatile and much less costly than the traditional variants, these ventless fireplaces are what you need in your apartment! If you’re looking for the perfect unit, you might want to head over our store and discover a wide range of ventless fireplaces. Keep your space warm and aglow with your modern furnace, without too much of the fuss.