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Ways to Decorate Your Rental Home

You don’t need permission from your landlord to pull off these amazing décor ideas!

It’s true; renting your home really limits the ways you can make the space your own. Most rental agreements state that you cannot paint or add wallpaper, move walls, change the flooring, or install a fireplace. But you don’t have to do any of those things to revamp your boring rental property. All you need is to think outside the box. This list of décor ideas is landlord approved and sure to give your house or apartment a total makeover.

1) Flooring
Most rental properties come equipped with your very own drab grey carpet or outdated vinyl flooring. Of course, it never matches your décor and furniture. So what can you do? Go on the hunt for the biggest area rugs you can find with colors and prints to go along with your own personal tastes. Throw them down in the living room and bedrooms for instant new floor that can roll up and go with your when you move.

2) Walls
No, you most likely can’t paint your walls that deep red you love so much. But you can get creative with some fabrics. Purchase yourself some gorgeous fabric, light in weight, in addition to a few curtain rods. Hanging a few rods only requires some small screw holes which is usually acceptable by any rental owner. But hanging some color popping fabric on the rods will be the best thing you ever learned. Use this technique on a full wall behind the sofa or media unit to create an instant focal wall.

3) Fireplace
We know, we know. Installing a fireplace is a big no-no in a rental property. But who said anything about installing it? With modern technology, anyone can enjoy the warmth of a fireplace without having to cut a hole in the wall or even installing venting. Electric fireplaces provide the option of adding a gorgeous new piece of furniture to a space and all you have to do is plug it in. Take it one step further and build yourself a removable fireplace surround and insert an ethanol fireplace burner. The unit burns pure ethanol gas and require zero venting.

4) Small Tweaks
Of course, your landlord would probably evict you if you started tearing down walls to open up a space. But if you get creative and make small changes that can easily be put back, without a trace, then what’s to stop you from enjoying the space while you’re renting it? Take some doors off of their hinges to open up adjoining rooms like the dining or living areas to create a more open flow. Just remember to keep the hinges in a safe place so you can pop the doors back on before you move out.

There are tons of great ideas to level up the décor in your rental home, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. But after doing some of these techniques to your interior spaces, the ideas are sure to pour in. Get creative, take a weekend and turn your home into one you can be proud to share.

Top 5 Types of Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are a product of ingenuity and modern science. The installations burn pure liquid ethanol gas and display a beautiful orange flame. Because ethanol fireplaces burn natural liquid gas there are no CO2 concerns and, therefore, can be used without outside ventilation. In addition to that, ethanol fireplace units can be placed or installed just about anywhere in a space. This opens up endless possibilities for residential and commercial settings; an ethanol fireplace installation can be a stunning addition. But what are some of the options when choosing the right one for you? Here are a few suggestions to help you along.

1. Wall Units
Usually, wall ethanol fireplaces come in a fairly modern and sleek design. Wall units are ideal for small spaces, condos, offices, waiting rooms, and even restaurants. And remember, because they don’t require outside ventilation, these wall units can be inserted just about anywhere without taking up more space than a picture frame.

2. Tabletop Displays
Tabletop ethanol fireplaces really use the whole vent-less factor to their advantage. Endless designs are available and they can be used just about anywhere; display a gorgeous centerpiece on your dining room table, treat yourself to a piece of décor eye candy on your office desk, or even goes as far as to utilize its design and heating features for an outside patio setting.

3. Ethanol Burners
Not everyone likes the modern and streamline designs of most ethanol fireplaces. But they still wish to have the comfort and convenience of its advantages. If this sounds like you then an ethanol burner may be the right choice for you. A burner is simply an insert, no fancy design, just the basic block burner which can be inserted into just about anything. Repurpose an old fashioned wood fireplace, build your own wall unit, replace a worn out burner in an installation you already own, the possibilities are endless if you get creative enough.

4. Floor Units
A floor model ethanol fireplace may be one of the most popular, aside from wall units. They come in an array of different designs and offer a bit more in the way of room décor. Doubling as both a heat source and a piece of furniture, a floor model ethanol fireplace may be one of the best choices out there. They come in a wide selection of sizes, as well, which make it easy to find one to fit in your desired space.

5. Accessories
No list such as this can be complete without a mention of accessories! Sure, it’s not an ethanol fireplace option but it is a category unlike no other. Ethanol fireplace accessories differ from other strains due to the fuel source. Non-combustible logs can be used to give more of a real fireplace look, beautiful jewels or stones often accompany the table top units in place of logs, and then there’s real flame fire glass which is essentially carefully tumbled bits of glass to cover the bottom of any ethanol fireplace installation.