The Perfect Fireplace Solution to Your New Home Remodel


A new season has come and it's about time for a home overhaul. After all, nothing creates a crisp, fresh feeling than a sight of a remodeled interior, with a whole new paint job and rearranged furniture. It gives you the motivation to fill your spaces with new memories, right after you take away the clutter of the past season. There are things which you want to keep and things you want to dispose of, especially the bulky objects in your room. Just like that fireplace.

Perhaps a fireplace switch is probably what your home needs; you're looking to replace your regular hearth with something modern and easier to maintain. Or maybe you want to finally install a heating support without the efforts of breaking your interior's aesthetics. If this is the case, before jumping into any purchase, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do you intend to use your fireplace? Do you want real flames, or a unit that gives off the same feeling without stocking on extra fuel? Maybe you want your fireplace to be a supplemental heat source. Or maybe, you need it to act as an ambient feature, adding to the cosmetic features of your home.
  2. Are you willing to do it yourself? Some fireplace units, like an ethanol ventless fireplace, is already prepped up for consumer use. You can easily install freestanding furnaces on areas of your home where you want to decorate it with. Or maybe, if you're looking for an architectural challenge, perhaps you want to use an ethanol burner to use on empty hearts or inserts? Our ventless ethanol range offers many possibilities for you to enjoy these new features.
  3. How much are you willing to pay? Ethanol fireplaces are inexpensive to purchase; the question now, is the frequency of its use. You need to have an idea of your regular burning time and the cost of fuel per refill. Make sure that you buy products from legitimate manufacturers, as low-quality fuel might ruin your unit.
  4. How big is your room? It is good to remember that ethanol fireplaces produce real flames, and these flames consumes oxygen. Thus, you need to make sure that the burner's size is the correct measure for the space you intend it for. A large burner has a bigger fire output and requires a bigger amount of oxygen; you wouldn't want to place that in a small room.
  5. Should you go manual or automatic? Most ethanol fireplaces are manually lit; you need a long match or a lighter to create a spark in the burner. But there are automated burners which makes use of a push button ignition that can be controlled remotely. Consider this if you want a convenient fireplace option.

Having a modern fireplace indeed creates an extravagant feature in your home. It functions as a heating support, and as a visual, ambience-creating feature. Thanks to its ventless property, an ethanol fireplace, complete with its real flames, can easily replace your traditional furnace and upgrade the look of your home into a chic, urban space you long for.

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  • Caris Cruz