The Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Amanti Electric Fireplace for Your Home


Winter is upon on us and there is nothing more comfortable than curling up around a cozy fireplace with loved ones to celebrate the holidays. In the past, this meant someone was regulated to firewood duty and regardless of who got the job of going out into the cold to grab more wood to fuel the fire, there was still the problem of smoke and suit making its way into everyone's clothing. Nobody likes smelling like smoke and until recently, there was little hope for furniture and drapes located in the same room as your fireplace.

Amantii 26" Fire & Ice Series Electric Fireplace With White Glass Surround

Amantii 26" Fire & Ice Series Electric Fireplace With White Glass Surround

Amantii electric fireplaces eliminate these concerns and allow you to enjoy soothing ambient heat with relaxing flame effects without destroying your clothes or furniture. Electric fireplaces have come a long way since their inception and today’s wall hanging models provide homeowners with unmatched flexibility as well far less maintenance when compared to traditional fireplaces.

While a simple internet search may pull up hundreds of different electric fireplace providers, it is important to remember that all brands are not created equally and many consumers have been duped into buying subpar electric fireplaces that provide inadequate heating as well as non-realistic looking flame effects.  

A wall hanging electric fireplace like the Amantii Panorama TRU-VIEW – 3 Sided Electric Fireplace, can make a bold statement of elegance that is sure to capture the imagination of any guests who happen upon its presence. Totally versatile, this stunning fireplace has four installation options: 3 sides open, left side open, right side open ot both sides "closed". It is important to consider where you want to place your unit in order to allow for the desired effects needed to improve your décor's functionality.  

There are endless reasons to go with an Amantii electric fireplace as your next selection. Below are just a few of the main reasons why you should consider going electric with your next fireplace purchase.

Amantii 72" Slim Indoor or Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Amantii 72" Slim Indoor or Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Ease of Installation

Amantii electric fireplaces are by far one of the easiest fire feature options you can add to your home. They do not require access to gas lines and ventilation ducts.  This saves you big time on installation. This has also caused a homeowner trend to form of converting traditional fireplaces into clean electric options. The conversion is simple and in most cases, the majority of the process is removing your traditional fireplace equipment.

CAD Designer

Amantii is an industry leader when it comes to electric fireplaces and their years of experience are evident in the additional features provided by their company.  Amantii offers a free CAD download plugin that can assist in working out your fireplace's layout including manufacturer specific detailed information.  This is a huge advantage over the competition and it is exactly this type of innovative thinking that keeps Amantii one step ahead of the competition.

Added Flexibility

Due to the ease of installation and the fact that Amantii electric fireplaces do not require additional exhaust ventilation, you can place your new fire feature almost anywhere. This gives you the flexibility you need to transform unused living space into a vibrant community area. An electric fireplace naturally attracts your guests and sparks their interests from the moment it comes into view.


Depending on the size of the fireplace you desire, you will be pleased to know that many units are portable by nature. You can easily bring them with you to enjoy regardless of your scenario. This makes Armantii fireplace ideal for people who own multiple homes but do not wish to purchase multiple fire features.  

Cost Savings

Electric fireplaces are significantly less expensive than traditional or even gas options because they do not need any special installation. Gas is also very expensive and during the winter months, the price has been known to spike in regions that experience harsh winter weather. This can make a gas alternative very costly to a homeowner.  

A traditional fireplace may be inexpensive to keep lit if you live in a wooded area but there is the cost of maintaining your firewood. This is a timely process that can involve serious physical labor. This is another reason that people are shying away from traditional fireplaces in favor of these more convenient options.

Amantii Panorama TRU-VIEW – 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

Amantii Panorama TRU-VIEW – 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

More Design Options to Choose From

Amantii has long been the industry leader in terms of design options and there is sure to be fire feature to fit your particular needs. There are a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from and all of their units provide excellent supplemental heat.  

Bed Options

Armantii provides you with a wide selection of fire bed options to choose from including lava rock and crystals.  Customize your bed stones to fit your homes décor.  You can even use matching rocks and surrounding flowers to give your fireplace an amazing daytime appeal as well.

No Heat Required

Electric fireplaces are the only alternative for those looking to enjoy the soothing effects of a flame without the heat provided by traditional fireplaces. An electric fireplace gives you the option to turn the heating element off while you still enjoy the flame features. This adds to your ability to enjoy your fire feature year around and it is just one more reason why so many homeowners have chosen to switch to electric fireplaces.

Go With The Best

Amantii has been recognized for their excellent contribution to the marketplace.  This innovative firm has contributed both in their designs and added functionality of their units. These innovations have helped to shape the current fireplace trends and going into the next year, there is ever growing momentum driving the push towards electric fireplaces over traditional units.  

As more consumers learn the benefit provided by this style of fire feature, there will be a continued push by homeowners to become a part of this cost saving home improvement revolution. Amantii is at the forefront of this transformation and through a combination of excellent customer service and unmatched quality; this firm continues to lead the market towards new and never before seen innovations.

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  • Catherine Sibi