Things to Consider When Converting a Traditional to a Bio Ethanol Fireplace


You have probably heard by now that through the installation of a bio ethanol fireplace you can eliminate the smog and soot your traditional fireplace produces whilst still enjoying the welcoming comfort produced by a real flame.  

Bio ethanol technology has been a breakthrough for the fireplace industry as it allows for an easy installation and due to the clean burning nature of ethanol, there are no hazardous chemical by-products produced.  This means that you will no longer get stained drapes or smell like burning wood once you convert to a bio ethanol fireplace.  

It is always a shame to see a good fireplace being unused.  Now even more so, considering how easy it is to convert that old stinky fireplace into a new futuristic clean-burning bio-ethanol unit.  Bio ethanol fireplaces have been quietly gaining in popularity over the last decade and recently, an explosion of public interest into green alternatives has sparked a number of new manufacturers to develop more creative and efficient designs than seen in the past.

Bloc 67 Ounce Ethanol Burner

Bloc 67 Ounce Ethanol Burner

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is produced through the fermentation of sugars by yeasts.  This bio-fuel has been gaining in popularity across the globe because of the clean nature in which it burns. Countries such as Brazil have taken great care to cultivate a healthy bio ethanol industry and now, more than ever, this clean-burning alternative is taking over the fireplace scene. 


There is no unit easier to install than bio ethanol fireplace.  You will need to first inspect your original fireplace to ensure it is functioning correctly.  Check that your flute is still opening and closing and that all flammable debris has been removed from the fireplace.  

Now clean the area in the fireplace while detecting for holes or cracks in the fireproofing. Always remember that your bio ethanol fireplace produces real flame, so it must be treated as such.  The great news is that if you use your bio ethanol fireplace according to the directions provided, there is little to no chance of a house fire starting.  

Mika Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

Mika Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

Bio ethanol fireplaces come in a wide variety of designs with most being portable.  This is a great option as you can bring your own personal fireplace into the room of your choosing whenever you desire. Take a look at Mika Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace. Looking more like a beautiful table sculpture than the functional item it really is, this tabletop ethanol fireplace is designed to fit in nicely with modern décor settings, and it features an ethanol burner that throws out warm heat right from your table top. It is completely ventless and burns clean without leaving behind any mess, ashes, or soot.

These space-age flame features allow you to have supplemental heat, even in tight spaces.  Tabletop units can sit on your counter and can provide the perfect combination of comfort to your next conversation.

Ethanol cans can produce hours of flame effects for a fraction of gas fireplaces and because they are all-inclusive, they do not require any special lines to run.  This saves you big time in both gas and installation costs while giving you more flexibility in your heating strategy.

Depending on the size of the area you are trying to entertain in, an ethanol fireplace can be perfect.  Bio ethanol units are designed to provide supplemental heat meaning that you will need another heating system to get your room to a comfortable temperature.

Bio-Blaze Bloc 169 Ounce Ethanol Burner

Bio-Blaze Bloc 169 Ounce Ethanol Burner


Another great thing about bio ethanol fireplaces is that they are not permanent with many owners using their bio ethanol fireplaces during the spring and summer months.  Saving the winter month for wood burning options

Do Your Homework

Be sure to measure your fireplace to see what size bio ethanol unit to consider.  A 1.5 liter burner can produce around 6000 BTU.  This is a decent amount of supplemental heat and units do exist with up to 4 of these burners built in giving you 24000 BTU.  You don't want to get to big of a unit for your fireplace size as it may cause damage.

Elegance and Style at an Affordable Price

You may not be keen on chopping firewood but still desire the relaxing effects of a real fireplace.  Bio ethanol fireplaces give you this feel without causing you to put your winter boots on and chop logs in the snow.  This is just one of the many reasons why people are falling in love with the bio ethanol concept.

Ethanol Fireplace Conversion - A Smart Option

Once you consider the advantages and ease in which one can convert to the clean burning alternative ethanol, there is little reason to postpone the decision.  Say goodbye to smog covered furniture and stained drapes.  Bio ethanol is the clear winner out of the fireplace options.  Go green and do your part to make a brighter tomorrow through the incorporation of a bio ethanol fireplace.

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  • Catherine Sibi