Top 10 Places to Use a Tabletop Fireplace


Tabletop fireplaces can add ambiance and mood lighting to just about any situation or setting. Because of the many options that are available on the market, you can find something that fits your design motif both indoors and out.

Best of all, a tabletop fireplace can go anywhere you want it to go at any time. If you think it looks good on a dining table one day but better over your fireplace the next, you can do so with very little effort and time spent. What’s better than that?

Knowing the best spots to place a tabletop fireplace will help you determine the best spot for yours and these are ten of the best places to use one.


Indoor Dining

Eco-Feu Juliette Tabletop Biofuel Fireplace

Eco-Feu Juliette Tabletop Biofuel Fireplace

If you have ever tried to have a romantic dinner, you know just how important the lighting can be to the overall mood of the evening. The perfect lighting, the right music, and of course, the food all make for the perfect evening.

But adding a tabletop fireplace to the table can really elevate the overall mood and ambiance of the evening. The flames dancing in the dim lighting can make it feel like a romantic, high-end restaurant even if it is your home kitchen or dining room where you are eating.

Outdoor Dining

In the warmer months of the year, spending time outdoors – be it on your patio, in the pool, or out on the porch, among other places – is of the utmost importance to a great many people. And the same goes for eating meals out in the warmth of the summertime months.

When you eat outside, you get the fresh air of the summertime as well as the warmth. Providing a bit of additional ambiance is important and you can deliver that with the right tabletop fireplace for your outdoor setting.

Imagine the flame dancing, twisting and turning in the summer air as you enjoy a great meal with your friends or loved ones in the warmth of the summer air. It makes for the absolute perfect setting.


Nu-Flame Accenda Cylinder Tabletop Fireplace
Nu-Flame Accenda Cylinder Tabletop Fireplace

The bathroom isn’t the greatest place in the world and most of us choose to spend as little time as possible in that room. But the fact of the matter is that we all spend time in the bathroom doing what we need to do each and every day.

Having a tabletop or countertop fireplace can make the overall feel of the bathroom far more luxurious and relaxing than ever before. The smell of the smoke from the flame will give your bathroom the feel of a campsite, sitting around the fire and enjoying the warmth and smells.

Your bathroom will feel all the more relaxing when you add a tabletop fireplace to the mix.

Office Desk
Lampada Tabletop Decorative Ethanol Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Lampada Tabletop Decorative Ethanol Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Our offices are a place of sterilization for the most part. It is meant to be neat, organized, and to present well to whomever visits your office. It sets a certain professional tone, as it is meant to do. But adding the right complimentary piece to the mix can make your office feel like a luxurious, high-end office without taking away from the overall professionalism.

With a tabletop fireplace on your desk or perhaps on a shelf or bookshelf behind your desk can give your office a more relaxed feel without making it feel inappropriate. The fire can provide a bit of comfortable warmth to the room as well, especially valuable in those chilly months of the year where it feels like escaping the cold is an impossibility.

Make your office feel more comfortable and homey without taking away from the professional nature of the setting.


Toulouse Tabletop Biofuel Fireplace

Libraries generally feel a bit stuffy. They are meant to be quiet, a place to come to get work done or to study without being disturbed. And while that’s fine and well, it definitely couldn’t hurt to add a bit of comfort and relaxation to the overall aesthetic.

Adding a tabletop fireplace to the counter or to the tables throughout the library can make it far more welcoming and relaxing than it may have previously been. And anything that can make it more relaxing and enjoyable is something that should be explored.

Libraries are a wonderful place full of learning and peace and quiet, but adding a touch of warmth and relaxation to the setting would go a long way towards making it more welcoming and allowing patrons to feel far more at ease when having to visit their library.


Nu-Flame Sparo Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace

Nu-Flame Sparo Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace

The summer months are a great time for getting outside and enjoying the sun. Best of all, when the weather is warmer, it can mean a good deal of time in and around the pool as well. Many hours and days spend splashing happily with friends and family can create the kind of memories that we all look back on with fond remembrance.

Adding a tabletop fireplace to a poolside table can make things all the better when the sun sets. Imagine splashing around in the dusk, the water cooling the atmosphere and the flames dancing around, creating the perfect setting for enjoying the summer months.

A tabletop fireplace brings an excellent ambiance to the poolside setting that is difficult to achieve and it is built to last in the outdoor setting. Add a pop of luxurious comfort to your poolside and you will find that everyone will want to flock to your pool in the summer months.

Bedroom Nightstand

Toulouse Tabletop Biofuel Fireplace

Our bedrooms are supposed to be a sanctuary, a place to escape after a long and hard day to relax and unwind from the difficult day. And while having a comfortable bed or a nice aesthetic is certainly an important aspect to this, having a tabletop fireplace can make everything really come together.

Imagine getting into bed after a long day and seeing the wonderful warmth and entrancing beauty of the dancing flame on your nightstand. The warmth emanating from the fireplace will make you feel nice and cozy as you begin to unwind from the stresses of the day.

A tabletop fireplace is the perfect addition to any bedroom nightstand and gives a pop of comfortable luxury to any room. It not only makes the perfect design aesthetic but the most comfortable and relaxing complimentary piece that you could hope to add as well.


Eco-Feu Vision III Free Standing Biofuel Fireplace

The entryway into our home or office sets the tone for the rest of the structure. It is the first thing that people see and gives a lasting impression that can not only impact the rest of that visit but future visits as well. So having the right entryway aesthetic is of the ultimate importance for that first impression.

Adding a tabletop fireplace to the table that fills your entryway can give you an important focal point, the beautiful flame dancing and drawing your eyes to it. It projects warmth and safety, welcoming guests into your home or office in a way that few other decorative pieces can hope to achieve.

Make sure that the table in your entryway has a tabletop fireplace. It adds a pop a luxury while providing comfort and relaxation the very moment that you enter, leaving any visitors wanting to come back again and again.

Living room/Family Room
Simple Commerce Ethanol Fireplace

Simple Commerce Ethanol Fireplace

The living room or family room of our homes is meant to be a place of gathering. This is where friends and family convene to watch their favorite shows, big sporting events, come together for holidays, have parties, and a number of different events that result in gatherings in these rooms.

Making sure that your living room or family room is as comfortable as possible is of the utmost importance. There are so many different things that you can do to make that room as comfortable as possible and adding a tabletop fireplace is one of the very best choices that you can make.

A tabletop fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to any room, regardless of size, making it more enjoyable and drawing in guests and visitors. The next time that you have a family gathering in your living room or family room, make sure you have a tabletop fireplace adorning the room to give it the warmth and feel of comfort and relaxation.

Sunset Biofuel Tabletop Fireplace

Sunset Biofuel Tabletop Fireplace

The best thing about tabletop fireplaces is that they have the ability to be moved on a whim. If it looks good in one spot on one day, it may look better in a different spot on another day. That is the beauty of these tabletop fireplaces.

What better way to spruce up a room in your home or office than adding a beautiful, elegant tabletop fireplace that projects warmth and comfort. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on tabletop fireplaces, you can buy one and move it from room to room as you see fit, putting it your living room when guests arrive and moving it to your bedroom when it is time to call it a night.

These tabletop fireplaces are so versatile that they can go basically anywhere in your home or outdoors as well.

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