Trendy: The Best Ventless Fireplaces for Your Home


The latest trend in home décor and accessories is ventless fireplaces. That means having an alternative source of heat that does not require the fussy and mechanical venting that traditional wood burning fireplaces come with. So if you don’t burn wood and you don’t need venting, then what do you need? What are your options when it comes to ventless fireplaces?

1) Electric Mantle

Electric mantle fireplaces are pieces of furniture. They have the look and feel of a real wood burning unit, equipped with the encasing of a wooden mantelpiece. Have them freestanding throughout your home, all you need is an electrical outlet. Or place one underneath a wall mounted TV. These are great for those of you who prefer the look of a traditional fireplace.

2) Electric Wall Fireplace

These have the same general concept as the electric mantles, only they are meant to be installed right on the wall as a “floating” design. Again, all you need is an electric plug in and you’re good to go! No venting required; you could install these guys in your bathroom if you wanted.

3) Electric Stove

An electric stove is more of a freestanding unit than a mantle model. It’s meant to be moved around as needed but can serve as an added piece of décor to any room. Often, they have the look and feel of an old fashioned wood stove.

4) Ethanol Burner/Insert

A bio-ethanol burner is a metal box which holds ethanol fuel that can be burned to create real flames an real heat. They can be installed in any sort of cabinet or fireplace surround. They’re great for indoors or outdoors, and are much safer than wood burning sources.

5) Ethanol Wall Fireplaces

Much like the electric wall fireplaces, ethanol models are meant to be installed right on the wall so they appear to be floating. The require zero venting, and next to nothing for clearance. The real flame that burns simulates the warmth and ambiance that a wood burning fire would.

6) Ethanol Tabletop

Ethanol tabletop fireplaces are the perfect solution to super small spaces. You don’t need an empty wall or free space in order to use one. All you need is a flat surface like an end table or shelf. The units are simple and compact, but burn a real flame so you can sit with a good book and enjoy the warmth it provides right from the couch.

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  • Candace Osmond