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When temperatures start to plummet and snowflakes start to fall, nothing creates a cozy living area quite like the presence of a roaring fire. The gorgeous glow and the comforting crackle give every interior a timeless elegance that can’t be replicated. Nothing is more relaxing than a plush blanket, a glass of wine, and a fire on a cold winter night.

If you are looking to increase the ambiance in your living room, adding fire is a beautiful way to start. No matter if you are a traditionalist or prefer a sleek, contemporary look within your living spaces, there is a way for you to introduce this mystifying natural element into your home.

Here are 4 Unique Ways to Add Fire to your Living Room -


 A Wood Burning Fireplace

A traditional fireplace imparts an old-world elegance to your interiors. Wood burning fireplaces make every single night in your living room feel like a romantic, rustic getaway. These structures add warmth to your home as well as an unmatched ambiance and a nostalgic sense of style.  

If your home doesn’t include an original wood burning fireplace, installing a new one is always an option. Keep in mind, installing an authentic fireplace within your living room requires a qualified contractor to remove walls, construct a chimney, install the fireplace, and craft a mantle on the surrounding wall. Although this is an expensive and invasive project for any homeowner to undertake, the results are often well worth the required costs.

There are numerous benefits when it comes to constructing a brand new wood burning fireplace. Not only does the presence of a fireplace increase the resale value of your home, you can also ensure it adheres to modern energy standards and codes. Not to mention, you get the pleasure of curling up in front of a fire on cold winter nights.

The presence of a traditional, wood burning fireplace also allows you to perfectly customize your mantle. No matter if you opt for sleek, white surroundings or prefer an authentically rustic look, you have the ability to design this important focal point to your exact preferences and specifications. The result is a comfortable living space that perfectly aligns with your tastes.


An Electric Fireplace

If you want to enjoy the beauty and ambiance of a roaring fire without the hassle, expense, or upkeep of a wood burning unit, consider an electric option. These modern fireplaces are incredibly convenient and provide you with a quick, easy, and cost effective way to enjoy the beauty of fire within your living spaces.

Electric fireplaces are a great option if you want to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace without any of the headaches that are often associated with wood burning models. These convenient and exceptional fireplaces don’t produce any real flames – instead, they have a realistic flame effect that can be dimmed to create the amount of light and flame you desire.

Because there are no flames present, homeowners never have to worry about disposing of messy ash or other constant upkeep that comes along with traditional fire places. This also means that homeowners don’t have to worry about the safety issues or hazards associated with having a real flame present within your living spaces.

Safe and easy to install, electric fireplaces are an exceptional option if you are looking to introduce the beauty of fire into your décor. They also provide you with a plethora of options when it comes to their overall design and appearance. If you are a traditionalist, install them within a classic mantel to mimic the look and feel of a rustic fire. If you prefer something unexpected, you can also find media consoles that come complete with electric fireplaces at the base. The absence of flames or vents means there is greater versatility when it comes to your design options.


A Wood Burning Stove
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Another way to add fire to your living room is to install a wood burning stove. They impart a vintage, bucolic element to you home while also adding the warming glow of authentic flames. Wood burning stoves are reminiscent of a simpler time and have an antiquated elegance that makes them a pleasing focal feature of any room.

Wood burning stoves provide the genuine crackle of a wood burning fire without some of the hassles of installing a wood burning fireplace. When installing a wood burning stove, it is imperative to adhere to the very specific safety requirements that are currently in place. They need to be placed at least 1-foot away from non-combustible walls or least 2-feet from standard, combustible walls. In addition, they need to be placed on an appropriate, UL-approved hearth made of concrete, brick, or other non-combustible materials.

Creating an appropriate space for your wood burning stone to sit is just the beginning. A chimney must also be installed so that smoke can easily escape. Although this installation process is less expensive or invasive than installing a traditional chimney, it still requires careful consideration and the work of an approved professional. A stove’s cylindrical chimney should extend all the way to your roof so that the smoke can be properly expelled while it is in use.

Although smaller than a traditional fireplace, wood burning stoves have their own unique charm. A statement-making addition to your décor, they are often made of a rich, rustic cast iron, which adds to their vintage appeal. With that said, sleek, modern options are also available if you are looking for a way to introduce a wood burning stone into more contemporary interiors.


Modern Wall Mounts

For a sophisticated and contemporary way to introduce flames to your living space modern wall mounts and fixtures powered by ethanol are a perfect fit. These sleek units have an almost futuristic look that appeals to homeowners looking to impress visitors and follow current design trends.

Ethanol flames are caused by burning an eco-friendly, bio-ethanol fuel source. These flames have the same mystifying and magical appearance of authentic flickering flames, however they are a safer and more contained alternative to wood burning fireplaces. These units also do not require a vent of any kind and do not produce messy ash, making them a low maintenance option for modern homeowners who desire the beauty, ambiance, and warmth of flames without continual cleanup.

While traditional-looking options are available, ethanol wall units are typically surrounded by modern elements like glass, chrome, or acrylic. These sleek materials have a crisp, modern, and sophisticated look that works well with contemporary, designer-inspired décor. You can also find sleek, glass-enclosed sconces or other small wall fixtures that allow you to elegantly enhance any living spaces with flames.   

In addition, tabletop ethanol units are small, portable, and allow you to place them anywhere within your home. Tabletop units can be taken outside when hosting a backyard barbeque or placed on your dining room table to add unique flair to any dinner party. These modern units are the perfect way for young, urban, or contemporary homeowners to introduce flames into their décor in an easy and hassle-free way.




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