Ventless Fireplace 101: Choosing Your Electric Fireplace


Buying an electric ventless fireplace? Good decision! This beautiful, portable fireplace will be a lovely addition to your home, whether it's about heating support, or aesthetic decor. However, there are some factors you should consider before making that purchase. Among the things you should pay attention to: your style, your budget, the location of the fireplace, and the measurement.

With many state of the art electric fireplaces now available in the market, you'll have many choices to select from. Avoid the confusion; you want to make sure you made the right investment by buying a unit that will last you for a long time. While you're at that, maybe you'd want to look at these guides to make your fireplace shopping much, much easier!

An electric fireplace is perfect for those who live in apartments and condominiums. Since they don't require gas lines or chimneys, these units won't disrupt the neighborhood when it comes to cosmetically overhauling your space. You have many options other than wall fireplaces, however. There are standalone units that can easily be moved from one place to another, and some of our Electric Stoves even have wheels to easily move it to the next room! Know what you want, and need. You may even buy electric fireplaces for different rooms of the house! Choose the size and shape that fits the room perfectly.

For wall fireplaces, it is best to measure the place where it is about to be installed. Units vary in height and width, but if you want something customized, you can also contact a manufacturer to make one for you. This is a great focal point for any room and offers a nice replacement for your usual wall arts. And since it produces no real flames, you can even install it inside your console, provided that it has appropriate distance from your other appliances.

Make sure you purchase your electric fireplace from a reputable brand. As consumers, we are all aware that you want something that hits right, or even below your budget. But you don’t want to purchase a cheap fireplace that can easily get damaged or broken. You want your appliance to last you for a long time. Fireplaces that have certification seals are better than the regular ones on retail. Look whether the certain model has been tested; this gives you better guarantee that your purchase comes with longevity. Also check if it has a safety rating.

When installing your electric fireplace, make sure you mount it near an electrical outlet, not an extension. At best, locate the best area before buying your furnace.

For your convenience, why not purchase a modern electric fireplace filled with security features for you and your home? Find units with thermal cut-offs and other innovations that keeps you and your family safe when the fireplace is being used.

An electric fireplace is a great purchase, and will be very much useful especially in the cold months. It helps cut off your utility bills as it offers heating support while giving off a charming visual display with its LED screen. Take it from the experts; find your new electric fireplace here at Ventless Fireplace Pros.

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  • Candace Osmond