Ventless Fireplaces – FAQ’s



Have you been wondering about what is missing in your home? Do you find yourself staring at a large empty space in your living room during the winter, while you are wrapped up in a blanket? A vent less fireplace may be just what you need to fill that space! This article will be discussing some of the more commonly asked questions on this topic.


What is a vent free fireplace?

This type of fireplace does not require any type of ventilation. When it burns, the by-products are cycled through the house instead of out a chimney. The by-products are required to be clean and non-toxic to the inhabitants of the home. As well, there are regulations regarding the size of the room that the fireplace is in and the source of fresh air supply that run through.


How are the fireplaces powered?

An electric vent less fireplace will operate if you plug it into a standard 120V outlet. You can choose to run your fireplace with the heat turned on or off. To use the fireplace, you will have a remote that allows you to turn it off or on, and to regulate the flame.


How safe are they?

When adding a fireplace to your home, there is always the concern that someone will get burned, whether it be children, adults or pets. Electric vent less fireplaces are good in that regard because the glass in front does not get hot. It stays cool and can be touched without getting burned. As well, the fireplaces do not emit any harmful fumes such as CO2 or smoke. The only thing you have to worry about is having a fresh air flow into the room with the fireplace.


Are they efficient?

Vent less fireplaces are very efficient when it comes to heating your house. This is because there is no ventilation where the heat escapes out of. All the heat is returned into the house, which will save you money on your electric bill.


How much heat do they provide?

The amount of heat provided will depend on the type of fireplace that you choose. For example, an ethanol vent less fireplace will typically give out 2.5-3.5kW of heat when it is in use. This will heat a room that is approximately 20 square meters. An electric vent less fireplace will be able to heat rooms that are larger in size.


The legality of vent less fireplaces

There are a great deal of regulations when it comes to vent less fireplaces. As mentioned above, the by-products of the fireplace must be clean and not cause anyone ill health effects, and the room where it is set up must meet certain standards. However, you do not need a permit to own a vent less fireplace if they have been deemed legal in the area where you live. Check the regulations of your specific area before you decide to purchase one of these fireplace. They will differ depending where you live and what type of vent less fireplace you want to get. 

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  • Candace Osmond