When is an Electric Fireplace More Advantageous than a Gas Furnace?


Two of today's most popular types of fireplaces are gas and electric variants. Both are loved by homeowners for various reasons. Each fits a specific lifestyle, based on the furnace's overall make and use. Should you choose a gas or an electric fireplace? Perhaps this post may help you choose between the two.

Gas fireplace, one of the oldest of conventional stoves, presents a nostalgic, romantic feel. It is a favored replacement to traditional hearths, taking away the need for wooden logs as fuel. But just the same, a vent is required for the construction of this fireplace. The big difference is, operating this type of furnace is a lot of times easy compared to the usual olden hearth. Some units can easily be used at the push of a button; others can be controlled with a remote. This takes away the effort of standing up and filling up the stove with new fuel.

One downside to this type of furnace is that it is more expensive compared to wooden fireplaces. This is because many of its important components require installation in a meticulous process. This includes the chimney, which will cosmetically alter your interiors. A direct vent gas fire, however, only needs a short flue. In the long run, gas fireplaces are cheaper compared to the wood type, and the best part, it makes use of a warm, live flame.

Electric fireplaces, however, go another route. They run on electricity and does not require additional fuel. This results to the absence of real, live fire in the unit. Instead, this fireplace utilizes LED visuals that transform screens into a blazing illusion. For some, this may be off-putting. But when it comes to safety, electric fireplaces are at the top rank.

Many electric fireplaces are now crafted with similar masonry as those with wooden stoves. And unlike gas fireplaces, this is a cheaper and efficient alternative, which is a good factor for budget seekers. One cannot totally rely on this unit as a stand-alone heating appliance, but when paired with your homes heater, this could be helpful in keeping utility bills down. And because it does not make use of fuels, you're saving money for that extra warmth in your room.

Another benefit of using electric fireplaces is that it does not make use of vents. You get to have many options in placing a unit, from one place to another. This makes it a nice option for those who live in small apartments or who are always on the move. All of the warmth it produces goes inside the room, unlike in gas variants where 40% or more leaks into the vents. And, since no smoke or fumes are produced, this fireplace is safe to be used by couples with children and those living with their pets.

When it comes to safety, efficiency and budget-friendliness, electric fireplaces are at the top of the list. Don’t ignore this type of fireplace, as many designs make it a cosmetic accent to your interior. Looking for this type of furnace? Head on over our store and discover many electric fireplace designs!

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  • Caris Cruz