The Versatility of an Ethanol Burner Insert

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway, has more experience than most when it comes to engineering new ideas and solutions to old problems. His memorable quote reminds even those of us that are simple at-home DIYers that a little creativity can result in some pretty fantastic and attractive home décor options if we’re willing to explore some of the newest technology commercially available. Why stop at simply wowing your visitors with a unique creation, especially when it comes to something as entrancing as tamed fire? Burner inserts boast a wide variety of styles, and when combined with ethanol biofuel, you can take full advantage of their unique simplicity of use and maintenance.

What is an ethanol fireplace burner insert, and what are these benefits? An ethanol burner insert is a commercially available product intended for both retrofitting and new construction projects, intended to replace or augment an existing fireplace. In the past few years, more and more styles and imaginative approaches have been developed, expanding the breadth of available pieces to include table-top and wall-hanging options as well. What ethanol biofuel offers is immeasurable ease of use. Each and every burner insert or free-standing piece is completely smoke and soot free, devoid of any toxic gasses or emissions, and requires absolutely zero ash cleanup. No chimneys or vents required. The only byproduct of this green, environmentally friendly fuel when it burns are beautiful crisp flames, heat, and a bit of water vapor. What can we do with all this awesomeness packed into one little place?


Convert an Existing Fireplace

Let’s start with an easy one: do you already have an existing fireplace? How often do you use it? If you’re anything like me, you get sick and tired of all the extra work that goes into preparing for a relaxing evening in front of the fire. With how hectic and busy the day can get, why not optimize your relaxation as much as your day? Put away the tinder, split wood, lighter fluid, matches, and poker. Cleaning out your fireplace will take a little work, but trust me, it’ll be very, very worth it.

It’ll get messy, so wear old clothes and lay out sheets to protect nearby furniture and carpet. If it’s been a while since you’ve used your fireplace, keep in mind that birds might have nested in there, so do what you can to avoid knocking their nests down into your house while brushing things loose. Start by cleaning the firebox itself: shovel out old ash, sweep up what else you can, then go to town on those beautiful bricks with a wire brush first (to loosen the soot), then a scrub brush with a water/baking soda solution to tease out the stains. If you notice a funky smell, it’s likely leftover creosote. Just take a water/baking soda paste and apply to any stubborn build-up.

Now it’s time to choose. The Bio Blaze Bloc 23½ Inch Biofuel Burner is a low profile, high efficiency ethanol fireplace insert for existing fireplaces, sleek and sexy in high quality stainless steel. It holds a total of 3.5 liters of bio-ethanol liquid fuel (never substitute!) and can burn for a max of about five hours, more than enough time to get deep into that new bestseller you’ve been craving lately. While burning, this burner can put out almost 12,000 BTUs, so it isn’t for small spaces. If you decide to shut down a little earlier, it comes with a snuffer tool that will allow you to preserve the leftover fuel for next time. Fill, light, enjoy. Snuff, enjoy later. All of a sudden, the idea of sitting in front of the fire doesn’t seem so far off!

Looking for something even bigger and more impressive? The EB4800 model Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert is a whopping 48 7/8" long, so if you’ve got a larger fireplace going to waste and not serving it’s entertainment purpose, it’s time to resurrect that beautiful feature. The EB4800 holds 15 liters and can burn for thirteen hours on a single fill, putting out around 23,000 BTUs, making it perfect for large gathering spaces and community areas.

Smaller, more intimate options have no shortage on sass and style, so if you’re looking to retrofit a more private space in a smaller home or apartment, Eco-Feu’s 1.5 L Insert provides a lower level of heat for no lost attitude. The design also works extremely well for table-top usage, so you can use it in your fireplace for solo nights in, or move it to the dining room table for entertaining, as long as it’s set on a nonflammable surface. With its 1.5 liter capacity, it will burn for three to four hours.


Convert a Coffee or Dining Table

While this option will take a little work, it’ll have a great impression on your visitors when you touch off the eco-friendly flames with the touch of a lighter. How you’ll go about this will greatly depend on the table you want to convert, so it’s hard for me to give specifics. Know going into it that you’ll need to ensure that the edges of the insert hole are shored up enough, because that’s where the insert will be resting its weight, and that the surfaces around it should be fireproof, to prevent accidents. Tile, stone, brick, and steel are going to be among the best options for surface material. You can also convert an existing firepit table with one of the many bio-ethanol inserts as well.

The Insert Table Bio-Ethanol Fireplace is made for this project specifically, and comes with four safety glass pieces to ensure that your guests won’t accidentally swing too wide and you won’t end up needing to clean charred food bits out of the burner after dinner. Because it is made to sit flush, you’ll see the sleek steel, glass, and natural, beautiful flames. Coming with two tank options, 1 or 2 liters, this insert will stay lit for about three or 6 hours, respectively.

Also keep in mind that there are many great choices for table-top options as well, if you want something with great visual impact. The Eco-Feu 1.5 L Insert mentioned before is a great choice, among others like the Chantico Line A-05 Bioethanol Fireplace Insert. An elegant powder-coated black steel and tempered safety glass design makes for a stunning centerpiece for a dining table or coffee table. This one features a 1.8 liter tank, allowing it to burn for about three to five hours.

New Contemporary Fireplace Mantels

Big or small, compact or sprawling, fireplaces continue to serve as a central feature in many homes as they have to hundreds of years. Designs are as varied as art itself, allowing this planet’s many fireplaces to be as much of a visual statement as the flames they contain. As technology progresses and improves our living experiences, safety measures and similar concerns have also grown to keep up with an increasingly complicated world. As a homeowner or renter, you are able to enjoy a fireplace without having to sacrifice a wall or the safety of your children or pets, and with the newest releases in contemporary fireplaces, you get the sleekest, cleanest styles available on the market today.

If you’re searching for the perfect electric fireplace with mantel, you’re going to be surprised just how many options there are out there, and their benefits will surprise you. Convenience is key here. No major installation projects will interrupt your living space because electric fireplaces don’t require a chimney, as they emit no harmful emissions or particulates like toxic gasses or soot. Use is as easy as flicking a switch and requires no clean up of ash or leftover wood, as you will find with a traditional fireplace. You don’t even have to bother with refueling the burner, as bioethanol fireplaces require. Requiring nothing more than an outlet and someone to enjoy them, these fireplaces offer both comfort and warmth at the fraction of cost and effort that other pieces do, while still offering the fashionable contemporary style of a mantelpiece.


Dimplex Linwood Electric Fireplace

When it comes to depth and realistic effect, Dimplex patented technology combines the visual of dancing flames and carefully crafted logs that glow from within thanks to LED glow lighting, creating a comforting, believable experience that is not only enjoyable, but safe. Because there are no actual flames involved, the glass front remains constantly cool, so wandering hands or inquisitive paws have no chance for burning injuries. This fireplace will become your favorite household feature year-round. Because the heat and the visual are separated, you can have the comforting glow of the fireplace flames dancing across the room without the heat. Make no mistake, when you do want the heat, it’s ready and raring to go, as the Dimplex Linwood Electric Fireplace features a powerful fan-forced heater (with thermostat control) that promises to delightfully heat a 400 square feet room with little effort.

Now that I’ve sung the praises of the Linwood’s functionality, it’s time to talk about its style. If the touchably organic texture of wood is your bliss, then you can’t afford to miss the Linwood Electric Fireplace. Embodying the beauty of dark wood in strong lines and beautiful texture, this electric fireplace with manel won’t eat up an extreme amount of space. The black metal bridges the difference between the beautiful wood and the living appearance of flame. At 65.5”W x 11”D x 50”H, there’s more than enough to create an attractive focal point for whatever room you choose. The design is deep enough to provide plenty of space for curios and accent art, so if you’re especially space-conscious, you won’t be losing a large portion. If you are a renter or temporary resident, because there’s no installation, you can easily take your fireplace with you. Your space is precious, and deserves the utmost in style, and the Linwood delivers on all counts.


Hughes Electric Fireplace & Colton Ventless Electric Fireplace

It’s not often that I’m so completely torn between two designs, but between the Hughes Electric Fireplace and the Colton Ventless Electric Fireplace, I can’t make up my mind as to which one I like more. Both designs feature the same solid lines, eye-catching bevels, and powerfully accentuating black surround, providing a clean, beautiful focal point for any contemporary home. These fireplaces can really, truly settle into any interior design environment and look fantastic while still offering practical service. Both the Hughes and the Colton feature a powerful 1400-watt heater that can comfortably pump out over 4700 BTUs in an hour, with remote-controller thermostat and timer options. As with all electric and ventless fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about ash, soot, or toxic emissions. Put them out of your mind, for they are no concern any longer.

So what’s the difference between these two pieces? Oh, this is the fun part. When I said that the Hughes and Colton fireplaces could fit into any environment, I wasn’t joking. The Colton comes in both rich, earthy dark walnut wood veneer finish and a clean, clear white for those that want the stand-out contrast, while the Hughes offers the same beautiful design in a stony, subtly weathered antique grey and a lively, bright vintage black maple. The Colton is slightly larger and heavier at 48.25"L x 11.125" W x 40"H and 107 lbs., while the Hughes slightly space conscious but no less impressive 42"L x 11" W x 35"H and 88 lbs. With enough space for photos and display items, you’re eschewing the complicated maintenance of a traditional fireplace for a beautifully simple electric, ventless fireplace with mantel.


Dimplex Contemporary Convertible II Fireplace

When I first saw the word ‘convertible’ in reference to a fireplace, I have to admit, I thought of an Autobot from one of the Transformers movies. Luckily, the Dimplex Contemporary Convertible II Fireplace is far more timeless than a singular pop culture reference, and provides a unique versatility that many electric fireplaces simply don’t have. The smart, clean lines can be set flush against the wall, or with the corner framework, tuck in neatly to an unused corner, and utilize the maximum space available without losing the comfort and convenience of a ventless electric fireplace. Now here’s where this fireplace really shines: the logs are carved from real wood and mounted with patented LED glow and ember technology, matched up with a controllable brightness and flame speed, making the firebox presentation extremely lifelike. With the same remote controlled thermometer controls and always-cool glass protective cover, you’re getting the same 100% efficient, particulate and emissions-free electric experience in a smaller, 40.18"W x 41.5"H x 13.25"D package with an impressively sized 26” firebox display. While it may be the most compact of the four designs on this list, it is easily the most versatile, especially if you’re concerned about space or plan on relocating it frequently.

  • Candace Osmond

Traditional and Classic Electric Fireplace Mantels

When traditional handcrafted wood designs and modern technology come together, the most beautiful fireplaces are created. So easy to use and without the drudgery of caring for wood, tinder, lighter fluid, and soot removal, you can’t afford to miss out on the simple ease of an electric fireplace and surround. Many alternate fireplace designs are built to match a contemporary or modern decor, making it appear as if the traditional or classic mantel designs have gone the way of the past, but this is simply not the case. Some of the most realistic electric fireplaces have been developed in recent years, taking advantage of leaps in home decor tech to augment the experience of warmth, relaxation, and coziness when the time is right. These full-sized alternatives to the traditional fireplace bring a sense of timeless style to a room that a contemporary-styled bioethanol table fireplace or wall-mounted fireplace does not.


Romano Electric Fireplace, in Salem Antique Oak


Traditional and transitional style homes are the perfect setting for this hand-carved pillar and medallion design in Salem Antique Oak finish. The rich color and Victorian-esque design evoke a pleasant and comforting atmosphere, with realistic flames and glowing embers that flicker through a long-lasting LED presentation. Not only does this fireplace respond at the press of a remote button, but you can adjust and set the temperature that the thermometer puts out, as well as set a timer in case you’re looking for a cozy way to fall asleep. When it’s just too hot, you can turn the heat completely off, allowing you to enjoy the flickering flames without risking a stuffy, dry atmosphere. The glass remains cool to the touch and the entire device plugs into a standard outlet for ease of installation and enjoyment. By eliminating wood and fossil fuels from the equation, you’re looking at a traditionally style fireplace that has zero risk of dangerous emissions or pollutants.


Verona Electric Fireplace


Elegantly classic in execution, the Verona Electric Fireplace provides a service that its gel fuel counterpart does not: simple, easy illumination and warmth at the push of a button. Featuring a 1400 watt heater, this beautiful electric fireplace brings a comfortable heat to your living space that is rated for 4700+ BTUs per hour. The mantelpiece is perfect for displaying art and curios, allowing you to give your room a lived-in, cozy feeling. Available in both rich Chestnut Oak or striking classic White, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the ease and design that the Verona offers. Solidly built with dimensions of 48"L x 14.5" W x 39.9"H, the Verona is also a full-sized replacement for a traditional fireplace, so you are getting an appropriately sized alternative, rather than a miniaturized version.


Maxwell Electric Fireplace


While wood is a rich addition to any hole, the faux marble veneer of the Maxwell Electric Fireplace is a strikingly beautiful alternative that just exudes high-class style and classic ambiance. Also available in Chestnut Oak and Dark Mahogany, the Maxwell is a vintage styled mantelpiece and fireplace that expresses a unique, three-step distressing technique to further enrich the timeless appearance. With an hourly 4700 BTU output and 1400-watt heater, the slim series firebox gives you both warmth and flickering ambiance to sooth away stress and comfort exhausted minds. This electric fireplace is a full sized feature at 47.6"L x 9.5" W x 40"H and 99 pounds, with a fully functional mantelpiece for picture frames and decoration.


Belleview Simulated Stone Media Center Electric Fireplace


So far we’ve explore the pure timeless appearance of rich wood fireplaces and touched on the classic appeal of white marble, but if you’re a fan of fireplaces as I am, you will know that there’s nothing like the rough, rustic appearance of wood and stone to make a beautiful impression. The Belleview Simulated Stone Media Center Electric Fireplace is unique in that it offers a secondary shelf under the mantelpiece itself with an opening for wires, so if you wish to mount a television on the wall overhead, you don’t have to bother with running cables hither and thither. Even better, the media shelf features a cover, so you can hide away all that little tech. A remote offers multiple levels of control over not only the appearance of the flames and logs, but also the heat itself, allowing you to enjoy the flickering ambiance without the warmth if you so desire. Sitting at a bold  45.5" W x 14.5" D x 40.5" H and weighing about 91 pounds, the topmost mantel can support up to 85 pounds and the media shelf can hold 30 pounds. The Maxwell is built just as solid as it looks, and fashionable with faux black river stone against the beautiful sienna finish.


Canyon Heights Simulated Stone Electric Fireplace


Rustic style fireplaces have a gorgeous appeal, promising hard-earned comfort and relaxation after a long day of constant on-your-feet stress and adventure. Featuring a handsome whiskey maple wood finish with Durango faux stone in an extra-wide design that fills a room, serving as an excellent centerpiece around which friends and family can gather. A 33 inch widescreen firebox projects energy-efficient LED lit flames and embers, adjustable through five different levels, while the heat itself can be turned off at will as well. The thermostat and timer work together to ensure that you don’t get overhot, and an automatic shut off will prevent the fireplace from going too long when the proper temperature is met. The remote features a child lock as well. The Canyon Heights fireplace’s dimensions sit at a broad, comfortable 60" W x 15.5" D x 35.5" H and weighs 84 pounds, while the mantel itself is rated to support a total of 85 pounds, making this shorter, wider fireplace an excellent option for displaying art and curios. Relax with the realistic flames and softly burning embers all year round, at will, without having to fight with wood, smoke, soot, and ash.

Sleek All-Black Ethanol Wall Fireplaces

Whether you’re looking for something bold to stand out against a white or similar backdrop or a subtle touch of fire to blend into a darker environment, the ventless design of a wall mounted bioethanol fires ensures that you have the versatility in placement and utility wherever you desire. No matter what the media or fashionistas claim, black is always the new black. It’s a beautiful color that fits right in with any color palette. Sure, it shows dust a little more than other colors, but that’s easily fixed with a couple swipes of a lint-free cloth and more than worth the benefits you’ll be getting from the ventless design and ease of use. The sleek designs of all-black fireplaces are in high demand, and you’ll want to get an idea of what the market has to offer before you make your decision. What good is a choice if not well-informed? So let’s take a look and see what might appeal the most.


Now, I can sing the praises of ventless bio ethanol wall fireplaces all day, but there are just a few quick and easy details you’ll want to be aware of before considering. Ethanol fireplaces produce no smoke, only minute traces of CO2 and water vapor. There are no toxic gasses requiring a chimney, and no meaningful soot outside of a small amount that gathers on the back panel after a month or more of steady use. You don’t have to haul in wood, fight with tinder and matches, nor do you have to shovel ashes out at the end of the day before they turn acidic. All you need is a funnel, fuel, a rag to wipe up spills before you light it, and a lighter with which to start the flames. It really is just that simple, safe, and manageable. All right, enough singing.


Wynn Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace


Of all the fireplaces on this list, the Wynn is easily my favorite and you’ll soon see why. The full steel construction and matte black finish house a simply beautiful design, without excess or flounce, providing four to six hours of burn time on a 1.42 liter tank with adjustable burner. This puts out a modest 6500 BTU, which is more than enough to chase off the chill from a good sized room. The Wynn can be wall-mounted or, if you’re looking for something a little more permanent, can be built into your chosen wall, further integrating it into your chosen environment. The tempered glass panel provides safety against wandering hands, and the Eco-Feu patent pending Automatic Convection System and Shutter Mechanism work hard to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fireplace system. At a modest 35 7/8 inches' wide by 31 15/16 inches tall x 8 1/8 inches deep, the Wynn weighs a svelte 65 pounds and its 11 1/4th inch burner opening provides up to 9 inches of flame.


Eco-Feu Wellington Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace


The Wellington design is a solid, attractive fireplace with strong edges and bold lines that cradle up to 9 inch flames in a beautiful frame as if a painting has come to life. Similar to the Wynn, the Wellington takes a more cubic approach to the same matte black elegance, though they share the full steel construction, 304 stainless steel burner, and tempered safety glass. It can also be wall-mounted or built in, with the same level of ease. Matching in BTUs and fuel tank size, the Wellington takes what the Wynn started and makes it a solid, sturdy, beautiful piece of living wall art, in solid black with dancing flames that are only more expressive against the dark background. Weighing about 55 pounds and measuring in at 33 1/2 inches wide by 22 7/8 inches tall and 8 7/8 inches deep, the Wellington is a perfect fit for whatever room you wish to bring in a striking, functional piece of art.


Bio Blaze Square Large 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace


When it comes to filling a larger space with heat and doing so in picture-perfect style, the Bio Blaze Square Large 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace really does all the work for you. Bio Blaze recently unveiled their new ability to offer this best seller in whatever color is available on their palette, meaning that this formerly restricted design now comes in a sleek, sexy black frame. Featuring two burners and optional safety glass, the Bio Blaze Square Large 2 can put out a whopping 12,283 BTUs of solid warmth for a steady three hours on its two-quart tank. The burners are adjustable so you aren’t wasting unnecessary fuel and can enjoy your flickering flames for longer. Everything you need is already included, and there’s no installation necessary, outside of setting up the mounting bracket for the 39 inch tall by 21 1/2 inch high and 8 inch deep, 92 pound feature. Easy peasy done, and your room looks infinitely more fantastic for it.


Bio Blaze Diamond 1 Biofuel Wall Fireplace


The old adage “go big or go home” is great when you’re living in your own home, but what if you want that sleek black fireplace in an apartment or smaller space? You don’t want to fill an entire wall with something too large or clunky, it’s best to find what fits your needs and desires. For that reason, the Bio Blaze Diamond 1 packs all the sassy curves of the Wynn into a smaller, sexier (if you can believe it) package that fits a demure 31.5" wide by 24.4" high and 7.5" deep and 49 pounds. Three small round burners provide about three hours of warmth before requiring a refill, and the wall mount is simple and easy to relocate whenever you desire. The Diamond 1 is hands down the simplest and most enjoyable way to bring chic contemporary design into a small living space without having to do invasive construction and modifications to your home.


Chelsea Indoor Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace


I have to admit, the first time I saw the Chelsea, I thought about the Jetsons and how retro chic the design appeared. It’s a different kind of approach to the sophisticated curves that the Diamond 1 and the Wynn express, and provides a unique kind of flair that threatens to increase the level of enjoyment in your home. The tempered glass prevents accidental burns while it provides five hours per 1.5 liters of fuel, filling your space with a comfortable 8400 BTUs of heat. In black, the Chelsea is the perfect subtle accent to catch and hold your visitors’ attention while providing practical comfort and relaxation.

  • Candace Osmond

New and Modern Entertainment Centers with Electric Fireplaces

If you don't already have a fireplace in your home, you may think you'll never have one. After all, the average cost of installation of a traditional wood-burning fireplace is about $2,000 – that's if you already have a gas line installed. You could spend up to $6,000 getting the gas line, ventilation, wiring, and actual fireplace all set up.

Even if you can afford that sort of home improvement, there's space that you need to consider. If you're living in tight quarters, a fireplace may not be a feasible consideration for you. There are alternatives, though, so you can have the cozy hearth you've always wanted without having to break the bank or give up precious space.

An electric fireplace TV stand is a good solution for those on a budget – both with money and space. These fireplace alternatives mimic real flames using clever tech tricks, such as LED lights, mylar, and mirrors. You get the soothing, cozy effect without having to worry about chopping firewood, or figuring out how to open a flue.


A Grand Choice

If you have room for a large entertainment center, then you have room for an electric fireplace. The Eliot Grand Entertainment Center with Electric Fireplace is a large unit that's wider than it is tall. It includes a 40-inch firebox, so it's clearly the focal point of this entertainment center.

It measures just more than 81 inches long, and stands at 34.25 inches high. This is a heavy, sturdy piece, so you can place it on a carpeted surface without worry. The center itself includes six shelves for consoles, video games, and other media.

The best part is that it isn't just for show. This fireplace puts out 5,100 BTUs of heat from its infrared heater. If you happen to live in a warm climate, you don't have to worry about overheating – this fireplace includes a programmable thermostat, so you can fire up the flames, but not the heat. It also comes with a remote control, so you can shut it off that way, or set up a time shut off.


Clean and Simple

Smaller rooms don't need giant fireplaces, so you may want to consider the Cabrini Media Electric Fireplace. The firebox is only 23 inches wide and 20 inches high, so it's just the right size for a small space. It's ideal for heating a 400 square-foot room.

This electric fireplace media center has plenty of room for DVD or game storage in its four shelves. The storage area is tucked away behind frosted glass cabinet doors to keep everything neat and organized. You can turn the fireplace on without heat any time to simply enjoy the flickering light of the almost-real flames whether it's 75 or 100 degrees Fahrenheit out.

The clean lines and bright white color works well with many different home décor styles. Although it's a smaller entertainment center, it can hold a flat screen TV up to 58 inches. This center includes a remote control, so you can easily turn the fireplace on or off anytime. And the thermostat keeps the heat going when it's cold and shuts off when it reaches your ideal temperature.


Big and Bold

One of the largest options is the Tracey Grand Entertainment Center with Electric Fireplace. Be sure you have a large enough space to accommodate the nearly 84-inch long piece. With a large media center like this, you also get a large firebox – it's 40 inches long, so it may even compete with your TV for your attention.

The 1,500-Watt infrared heater keeps things warm in the winter, but the LED-lit flames work independently of the heater, so you can enjoy it all year long. A remote control lets you set the thermostat and the timer to switch the unit on or off. An added benefit to the seemingly real flickering flames is that you can control the brightness – turn it all the way up to focus on the mesmerizing flames, or turn it way down for romantic ambiance.


Compact and Modern

Apartment dwellers or those who are living in extremely small living quarters may not think they can use an entertainment center with fireplace. Enter the Dimplex Jasper Media Console. This unit won't offer much by way of storage, but it can hold your TV, and warm your home with its ceramic heating system.

The small electric firebox – it's about 25 inches – can resemble a log-burning stove or a gas fireplace, depending on which firebox you choose. You can easily control the heat or the ambient LED flames using the remote control. And it warms up a room efficiently using a fan to circulate the warmth out and throughout the room.

This electric fireplace includes a technologically-advanced system called gWave, which lets you turn the fireplace on or off with the wave of your hand. It's like knowing a Jedi mind trick.


Cozy, but Spacious

When you need room for media consoles, video games, and DVDs, you may not want to compromise by giving up a section for a fireplace. The Claremont Convertible Media Electric Fireplace solves that problem by offering plenty of room for consoles on its open-air shelf, and enclosed storage space for your media.

In the center of this ivory entertainment center is a mock fireplace made up of LEDs and heat for a 400-square-foot space. You can place this against a wall, but it also works as a corner piece, which can save you space in a small room.


New and Modern

One of the sleekest designs for an electric fireplace media center is this black, low-profile unit. The Dimplex Desmond Electric Fireplace Media Console measures about 73 inches across and 36 inches high, but it has stubby, angled legs that give it a mid-century modern appeal. The fan-forced heater can keep a large living room cozy and comfortable.

The 50-inch firebox has a glass ember bed, which gives the whole unit a decidedly modern look, and the entertainment center itself can easily accommodate a 70-inch TV. There's a bit of space on one side for media storage and room for consoles above the firebox.


An electric fireplace offers supplemental heating, which allows you to turn off your central heating more often, which can save you money. It also offers year-round ambiance and modern, clean statement pieces for your home. You don't have to fork over $6,000 for a wood-burning fireplace, and you never have to worry about soot, actual flames, smoke, or ashes.

UL/ULC Listed Ethanol Fireplaces

Fireplaces are an extremely versatile home décor element that demands attention while offering more than just visual impact. You can be relaxing solo with a good book, cuddling up with that special someone, or swapping stories and presents with friends and family on a cold winter night. Now, leave the living room and see the adaptability of a fireplace to other locations in your home. Take a freestanding fireplace to your dining table for an extra flair of style or outside onto your balcony or porch to stave off the chill of the evening. Go even further and install a space convenient recessed fireplace into your office for style or comforting white noise while you work.


Now do all that without having to worry about chimneys, dangerous fumes, or ashes. Get the cozy ambiance of a fireplace without the difficulty of completely remodeling your rooms or office. A ventless ethanol fireplace is a perfect fit for someone looking to add that extra bit of classy comfort to their home without the pain. Not only is it easy to install and maintain, but each of the following bioethanol fireplace fuel options is listed UL/ULC. UL and ULC safety standards are set in place by both United States and Canadian safety organizations, ensuring that safety is each item’s top priority, and you can be assured that convenience and style need no sacrifice.


Pretty as a Picture: Antalia Recessed Ventless Ethanol Fireplace


The Antalia Recessed is an unobtrusive wall mounted bioethanol fireplace that takes all the elements that make contemporary décor beautiful and fits them together in one pretty package. A square black tempered glass and silver accent frame the recessed fireplace compartment, which can be mounted on the wall with a little modification or directly on the wall. A clear glass guard adds a touch of sparkle to the piece, giving this design enough character to stand tall next to your other wall art. Match it to other frames for a seamless look, or accentuate it boldly for standout style. Whatever you choose, the Antalia will fit with almost any pre-existing décor. This particular piece offers a burn time of four to five hours on a 1.3 liter tank, without any need for a chimney, gas or electric lines, or ash clean-up.


Fashionable Freedom: Mecca Freestanding Ventless Ethanol Fireplace


Place this piece on your table, on the floor, wherever you most want a clean, safe way to evoke a comfortable environment without feeling constrained by installation elements. The Mecca Freestanding boasts an elegant, standout design that is bold enough to stand out and spark conversation with visitors while serving both solo and couple’s needs for versatility. Chase away the chill of night or city breezes under the stars out on the porch or balcony, or curl up with your favorite cup of hot chocolate in the living room while falling leaves or snow drift through the air. You can create the perfect environment with just one safe, easy choice. The Mecca offers a pleasant four hours on a single 1.3 liter tank, and is built from a powder coated steel exterior and a 304 stainless steel interior.


Crystal Clear: Ignacia Ethanol Biofuel UL/ULC Listed Fireplace


With the Ignacia Fireplace, you get no frames, no constraints, just pure, clear freedom in brushed 304 stainless steel and glass. The Ignacia is a bioethanol table fireplace with a sleek, contemporary design that compliments any similarly designed home. The glass and metal construction unlimits its own potential for maximum visual impact, while still maintaining a versatile package. The freestanding style of the Ignacia lends itself to tabletop use, but it can serve most any need. The non-toxic, clean-burning biofuel is truly eco-friendly with a modest four to five hours burn time per 32 ounces, requiring no excessive installations or clean-up that come with a traditional fire pit table. If you’re looking for an outdoor piece that you can easily transport when needed or a multi-use fireplace accent that can be used on any table, the Ignacia may be the perfect fit for you.


A Touch of Spirit: Tokio Recessed Ventless Ethanol Fireplace


Let’s talk emphasis. Sometimes, subtle is just too little. A fireplace can be the centerpiece of your room, even in condo living where space is a premium. When you’re looking for something functional, safe, but with that extra pow that really gets peoples’ attention, the Tokio Recessed might just be exactly what you need. A great looking piece, the Tokio lends itself to wherever emphatic style is required, home or office. Make that big impression while still maintaining safety and functionality. Speaking of, the Tokio looks good, but can it stand up to your demands? With a solid four to five hour burn time on a single 1.3 liter tank, you can warm the chills away all evening long as you relax before bed, or pop it on for a quick, fiery visual impact for visitors. Plus, it is UL/ULC approved, giving you peace of mind in case that relaxing book turns into a rejuvenating nap.


No Shadows in this Box: Hayden Ethanol Biofuel UL/ULC Listed Fireplace


If you’re looking for a fireplace that’s more statement than subtle but still manages to balance the two, the Hayden Fireplace sets just the right amount of style, popping out from the wall as if a shadowbox art piece. By using bio-ethanol fireplace fuel and UL/ULC safety measures, you don’t have to worry about fumes or damage from use. Your only concern will be where you want to install it. Its smart, unique design sets it apart from the others as it is made to be three-dimensional, intended to stand out among the rest. Plus, since it is not recessed, there is absolutely no impact to your home’s vital structure. The stainless steel and included wall mount materials make sure that this piece will not budge from where you place it.