All Ethanol Fireplaces


With so many alternatives to traditional wood-burning fireplaces—you might be wondering ‘why ethanol burning fireplaces?’ Ethanol burning fireplaces are more efficient, economically inclined, and much cleaner. We offer some of the most technological motivated ethanol fireplaces so you can rest assured you are getting the quality and innovation you desire.

Shop our ethanol burning fireplaces to experience simple, easy, and low maintenance products while also enjoying the comfort and authenticity of a real fire. Enjoy the simplicity of no gas lines, no chimney, and no smoke. The biofuel used in your ethanol fireplace is alcohol that burns clean and odorless.

Your ethanol fireplace can be installed anywhere—including outdoors if desired. Our selection of ethanol fireplaces brings safety and ease of use to you. We offer the safest and most high performance systems in our selection of ethanol burning fireplaces.